Modular Exhibition Stands Are A Worthwhile Investment For Exhibitors

Modular Exhibition Stands Are A Worthwhile Investment For Exhibitors

Exhibition systems come in different designs and different sizes and can be constructed to standardized dimensions or according to the client’s design specifications. Whether standardized or bespoke, these stands are fully functional and flexible, and have great aesthetic designs that guarantee an exceptional expo experience. Their flexibility allows for use for a variety of needs, from pop-ups to complex graphic displays. In addition, they are available for sale and hiring as well, so whatever your budget is, you will be sure to find something that suits your needs.

Below are a few notable features and advantages of these exhibition stands.

  1. Versatility

While the design may have pre-set dimensions, there is a provision for extension of your expo stand through hiring or even purchasing additional components and accessories. The versatility of these exhibition stands allows for continuous rearrangement and reconfiguration as the available stand spaces change with different venues.

  1. Self-build Design

The design of these stands allows for ease of setting up and reconstructing. They have a push-fit design for their wall with self-locating, interlocking parts. The components are made from lightweight material, and while this may look like it could compromise the structural strength of the stand, it does not. The graphic wall can have shelves on which products can be displayed or where an LCD or LED display can be mounted.

  1. Bespoke

You can get an exhibition stand tailored to fit your specific need, and while it will cost you a little more, relative to the standard designs, you will get a product that best communicates what your brand is about. You will be assigned a team of designers for live sketching as well as CAD designs for your stand. You will also get a hands-on assembly training session among other factory consultations, all of which guarantees product and service satisfaction and value for your money.

  1. Compact Storage and Portability

Since the stand is designed for assembly on site, it is made portable, thanks to the lightweight material and is packaged in a compact unit. This greatly minimizes shipping costs and storage space as well, making it cost-effective.

  1. Great Aesthetics

The graphics on the wall of these exhibition stands are interchangeable and contribute majorly to the overall outlook of your stand. These, together with accessories like furniture that you can get for your stand will make sure your expo stands out and makes a great impression. As an added bonus, you can have the outlook of your stand constructed to your liking for a more extravagant personalized look.

In conclusion, modular exhibition stands are a great investment if you are a regular exhibitor who attends many shows, because they are adaptable, functional, and reusable. These lightweight portable exhibition displays can be transported and set up with great ease and at relatively low prices. In addition, they can be reconstructed as per the available space for the exhibition stand. This versatility is an important feature especially for people or companies that exhibit frequently.