Moms Can Influence The Health Of Children’s Teeth

According to a new report released by the Dental Medicine Department at Case Western University, a mother’s emotional health and education has a big impact on their children’s oral health. Although mothers were interviewed for this study, the lead investigator feels that this applies to the primary caregiver of the children. After reading the below findings of the study, it’s imperative to schedule an appointment with your child’s dentist in Green Bay as soon as possible.

  • Mental Health – The study showed that moms with undiagnosed or untreated emotional health issues did not promote the importance of good oral health at home. The home environments of these children tended to be unstable and as a result, these children had a higher number of cavities and other oral health problems. Further, mothers with emotional health issues tended to have more oral health problems that were untreated compared to the other mothers surveyed. Researchers also showed that mothers with behavioral health issues reported to giving their children more juices with sugar and soft drinks in comparison to other mothers.
  • Education Level – Through this study, research also showed that the education level of the mother played a role in their children’s teeth health. Mothers with an education beyond high school had children with fewer cavities and overall had healthier teeth. Research also demonstrated that mothers with higher education levels understood the importance of healthy eating and good oral care and spoke about this with their children. Mothers with higher education levels reported that they modeled health living and good oral health care for their children. Many mothers in this category reported that they brush their teeth with their children and avoid soda or drinks with high sugar levels.

Many do not find the results of this survey alarming because they know that parents need to play an active role in all aspects of their children’s lives. It is essential to model proper behavior for children in order for a habit or routine to stick. It is vital for parents to take an active role in their kids’ oral health so that problems do not become exacerbated in the future. Make it brushing your teeth as a family part of your morning and evening routines. Another step in the right direction is to make sure that you’re bringing your child to their dentist in Green Bay at least twice a year for an annual check up.
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