Money Saving Tips For Cash-Strapped College Grads

Money Saving Tips For Cash-Strapped College Grads

After four years of all-night study sessions, punishingly difficult exams and lengthy term papers, you managed to graduate college. In light of how much hard work you put forth throughout your higher education, you were confident that you’d have no problem finding a job in your chosen field. Unfortunately, the stagnant job market and disappointing lack of new positions has left you completely disillusioned. It’s been nearly four months since you earned your degree, and you can’t even land a decent interview. To make matters worse, your savings are being rapidly depleted. However, before succumbing to depression, you should know that there are numerous ways for cash-strapped college grads to save money. So if you’re running out of money and your diploma isn’t doing you any favors, consider putting the following tips into practice.

Invest in the Stock Market

College grads interested in using money to make money should consider investing in the stock market. After reading up on investment practices and market trends, you should have the knowledge you need to make your first small investment. If your initial investments pay off, continue using the tips you learned to make informed stock purchases. Although this can’t take the place of a career, wisely investing in the stock market can help keep you on your feet until a job comes along. Anyone interested in staying up-to-date with market trends is urged to swing by With up-to-the-minute trend reports, is an invaluable resource for both fledgling and experienced investors.

Move Back Home

When it comes to your monthly expenses, none are more costly than rent. Paying upwards of $900 a month when you don’t have a consistent source of income can be a tremendous financial burden. Although it may not be considered “cool,” you can save a great deal of money by ditching your apartment and moving back home. After explaining your situation to your parents, they’re likely to welcome you back home with open arms. Living at home will enable you to concentrate on your job search without the looming threat of complete financial ruin constantly hanging over your head.

While at home, try not to wear out your welcome. Make a point of helping with household chores and, whenever possible, offering to take care of certain bills. Additionally, make sure to keep your folks abreast of any progress you make on the job front.

Be Open to Internships

Because many of them are unpaid, a fair number of college grads tend to avoid internships. Having spent four years studying their chosen fields, many grads believe they are above doing unpaid work. However, since an internship is a highly effective way to get your foot in the door of a certain company, this is an unfortunate stance to take. So if your job search has yet to bear any results, you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting an internship at a company that interests you. In many cases, internships serve as precursors to paid positions. Even if you don’t wind up landing a job, the experience gained from taking on internships is sure to come in handy.

It’s no secret that the economy is still in a state of recovery from 2008’s devastating market collapse. As a result, jobseekers of all ages have experienced tremendous difficulty in finding gainful employment. By familiarizing yourself with practical ways to save money, you can keep yourself afloat amidst a deeply troubled job market.