Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Monster Hunting Never Been So Much Fun Like This!

If you thought that the first two games within the Monster Hunter franchise represented the last time that your eyes would be glued to your television screen and your hands to your controller for several days at a time, you were sadly mistaken.  The development team of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate obviously worked extremely hard to make sure that you would become just as addicted to this game as soon as you turned it on the very first time.  According to an overwhelming number of positive Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate reviews that have been posted and published online since it was released, it is apparently clear that they successfully achieved that goal.

The Basic Setup

The layout of the game is fairly simple; there really is nothing that is too complicated for even a young child to understand about this storyline. You are exploring the wilderness hunting down a monster, strike it down and then use its entrails to make swords, hats and other items.  Easy enough, right?  Wrong!  Throughout the game, you are going to encounter over 10 different weapons, hundreds of unique items and you can potentially spend hundreds of hours progressing through the numerous journeys and quests that are all part of the package.

Even though this is just a video game, you are going to feel exhilarated by the thrill of the hunt as if you were actually out in the wilderness and will not be able to stop the adrenaline from flowing through your body every single time that you put this game into your console.  It will become one of the most satisfactory gaming addictions that you may have experienced in quite some time!  Do not feel as if you will be the only person searching for a support group to help you with your addiction to this game, because there are over five million other people around the world that are more than likely going to be right there with you!

The Changes

There are many different monsters that were not featured in the previous games of the franchise as well as a single-player environment that has been completely rearranged.  You can even break away from the storyline and just have a blast in the multiplayer area, but most of what you have loved about the previous games is still intact within Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

There have been quite a few complaints by many gamers about the graphics not being as crisp and clear as they should be based on the advancements in technology that have been made since the first game of this franchise debuted back in 2004.  However, the high quality gameplay is still top-notch and you will soon forget about those complaints after you realize that you have been playing this game for countless hours without stopping.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review – The Bottom Line

Monster Hunters 3 Ultimate reviews have proven that this game is truly amazing and will excite you regardless if you are already a fan of the franchise or not.  It is clear that this franchise is not going anywhere anytime soon and will hopefully only seem to get better and better as time goes on.

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