Montreal for Foodies: Top Events and Restaurants to Check Out

food1Montreal is a foodie haven. There are so many great restaurants and events to check out that provide a variety of delicious foods and new cuisine. Whether you’re planning a quick stay or you’re interested in moving to Montreal, there’s plenty that you can experience here.

Here are just a few of the top events and restaurants to check out in Montreal if you are a foodie:

Try the Local Specialties

Montreal is known for a number of local specialties. You can try out the smoked meat at Schwartz’s and Snowdon Deli, or you can enjoy Montreal bagels at Fairmount or St. Viateur. Of course, you can also enjoy a Montreal favorite, poutine, at La Banquise — or, really, just about any other restaurant or pub in town.

Check Out Ethnic Foods

You don’t have to stick to local specialties when you visit Montreal. Many restaurants are known for their delicious ethnic cuisine, as well, such as Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, and Korean foods. A good starting point is the Rue St. Catherine, where you can find restaurants that cater to every palette.

Sign Up for a Food Tour

There are many excellent food markets in Montreal, with an array of tastes. The Jean-Talon Market and the Marche Atwater are local favorites, and many foodies are known to frequent them. When food events and celebrations happen, they are often held here. You can devise your own tour of the local food markets, or you can sign up for a formal tour through a company like Montreal Food Tours to lead you through the markets and the local restaurants.

Explore Foods by Neighborhood

Like in most big cities, Montreal has a number of neighborhoods that are organized around a specific culture or theme. For example, Chinatown is known for its egg tarts, bubble tea and traditional Chinese cuisine. Le Village is known for its pastry shops and jazz bars with fine wine. Old Montreal is known for its upscale dining option and outdoor bistros. Spend some time learning about each of the neighborhoods and exploring the cuisine. You can sign up for a food tour if you need some formal guidance.

Montreal has many excellent options for foodies. To plan your trip, check out options for the best prices on hotels using a service like Travelocity or, for an extended stay, save yourself some money by looking for apartments for rent in Montreal here. You’ll save money and have a trip that’s as delicious as it is unforgettable.