Most Famous Bathrooms In The World

Bathrooms can dazzle us with style and great design. Some of the most memorable bathrooms in history have appeared on the silver screen and for many different reasons, have become famous in their own right. Take a look and use them to inspire your own style in your bathroom.
Happy Days was the all-American series that showcased the talents of Henry as the Fonz. He strolled around the diner like a man who ruled the world. His leather jacket and blue jeans really typified the fifties and most of the action was set in the family run diner. However, the real action took place in Fonz’ office – the bathroom. This was a typical straight forward men’s room from the fifties but the charm came when Fonzy held his meetings in there!

The 1963 epic movie Cleopatra allowed the viewers to get a glimpse of pure luxury in terms of bathrooms. The famous bathing scene showed Cleopatra lying in a limestone bath, bathing in ass’ milk. Golden boats floated past carrying cleansing oils whilst the odd muscular slave fanned away in the background. Obviously, Cleopatra had a huge budget and she basically got everything that she desired. However, the use of the colours that Cleopatra had in her bathroom was a brilliant combination of turquoise and gold, ombre and green. The luxurious jars that carried her ointments and perfumes could be nicely recreated by antique shop finds or unusual looking jars in the local shops. The use of marble or limestone will always add taste to a bathroom and the addition of a designer radiator will keep it warm. By taking elements of the bathing scene, you could easily recreate a feeling of luxuriousness fit for a queen.

Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas was huge theatre filler back in 1987. Despite the thrilling storyline, there was also another excellent element to the film; the apartment. It was a very smart, cool New York City abode with ton of style. The bathroom had white metro tiles, industrial radiators and a clean, sharp look. The neutral colours were in keeping with the sleek New York feel. The bathtub which is an important part of the plot supported the whole look with a fantastic cool city vibe. There are no fancy jars in this bathroom, just a fabulous space styled with urban industrial chic.

The second floor bathroom in Gracelands is the infamous bathroom where rock and roll legend Elvis Presley passed away. Although the general public is not allowed into the room out of respect to the legend, it is said that the decor blends seamlessly with the rest of the mansion. The building is certainly not renowned for its good taste but more for its eclectic and over-the-top style. There is extensive use of the colour gold, as well as gold plated items. Taps and fittings would certainly have been plated in gold. Designer radiators would adorn the golden room. The seventies were all about shag pile carpets, which is also reportedly to be found in Elvis’ bathroom. Large show business mirrors with lighbulbs surrounding them would be present and a unique chandelier (gold, of course) would be found illuminating this feast for the senses.

Written by Elizabeth James who writes for