Most Popular Article Submission Softwares & Services

Submitting articles to thousands of article directories can get tedious rather fast. Thankfully, there is software out there that can turn a 100 hour job into a 10 second one. If you submit articles to directories often, you may want to consider these top six popular article directories and services:

#1 Quick Article Submitter
As one of the most user friendly software packages on the web, the Quick Article Submitter can submit your article to over 500 directories with a click of a button. With auto submit and scheduled features, you can have the software do all the dirty work for you, even when you’re not at your computer. Aside from those fantastic features, QAS also lets you add and edit the directory list. In the end, your list could potentially have thousands of opportunities!

#2 Brad Callen’s Free Article Submitter
Brad Callen’s Free Article Submitter places a large emphasis on getting your website the highest quality directories on the web. See, with most submission packages on the web, many of them just submit your articles to bad sites that give you nothing in return. Brad Callen’s software will quickly publish your articles, submit an unlimited number of articles and he offers lifetime upgrades.

#3 Yoobids Article Submitter
YooBids allows you to load up to 500 articles and it will disperse it across their massive network of connection. Before you hit the submit button, you will be able to add a resource box, your personal information and an article summary. With this information, Yoobids will automatically log into each article directory and do the dirty work for you. The software will fill out all the fields, upload your article and hit submit. All you have to do is click the “submit” button, sit back and watch the software do all the dirty work for you.

#4 Article Marketing Monster
The Article Marketing Monster allows you to submit your articles to popular branded sites such as Ezine Articles and Upon starting up the software, it will ask you for some information to help it register on all the websites. Once you give it the information, it will automatically register you for hundreds of article directory websites. Once registered, you will then be able to upload your article, hit submit and your articles will be in queue within seconds.

#5 Article Post Robot
The Article Post Robot allows you to submit your uniquely written article to well over 400 directories on the web. Compared to the software mentioned above, the Article Post Robot can either do it manually or automatically, saving you a lot of time. What sets this package above the rest is that it can also post to Yahoo! Groups and over 50 other groups that article software packages don’t often submit to.

#6 Unique Article Wizard
If you don’t want to use software, then you may want to consider the Unique Article Wizard. This wizard helps you promote your articles on their massive internal network. Before each article is published, a set of their editors will manually approve your article. Once approved, your article will land on one of the thousands of websites on their network. The great thing about this service is that they can take one article and spin it into hundreds of uniquely written pieces.

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