Mountaineering Gear: A Must Guide for Aspiring Climbers for The Mt Aconcagua

We know that for hardcore trekkers and sincere climbers the devil is in the data, so our team of mountaineers has set out what we refer to be the Ultimate Gear List to Climb the Aconcagua. Though some of you have seen carrying trekking or climbing equipment and necessary bag pack to base camp by mules, we still suggest you to stop thinking about added assistance to carry weight. To adopt a proven climb, regardless of high or sleep slope approach, we establish a series of suggestion with respect to packing guides. We surely put higher camps while ascending the routes to the Aconcagua’s top, for necessary rest: proper gearing is altogether phenomena to cover the summit fluctuation.

Mandatory packing list for the successful voyage of Climbing the Aconcagua

  • Trekking shirts: breathable shirts are lightweight and provides comfort while trekking in the sun.
  • Breathable Underwear: basic sports underwear breath well and very comfortable for the trek.
  • Base layer for top and Bottom: Maintains your body heat within the layer, kind of thermal wear.
  • Fleece jacket: Perfect combination to manage warmth and comfort, through excellent breathability.
  • Trekking shorts and Trousers: Convertible trousers that get easily into shorts are recommended and are very handy.
  • Hard Shell Jacket and Trousers: a water resistance cover for withstanding rain, kind of Insulated Jacket.
  • Polartec Union Suit: one-piece thermal base for managing up to 6 degrees.
  • Gore-Tex Bib: prevents frostbite by keeping your legs warm
  • Head Gear: on the trek, you need to play hide and seek from the sun or to manage warmth by using a bandana or fleeced beanie and Thermal Balaclava.
  • High altitude sunglasses/ snow goggles: to prevent your eyes from intensified UV and bright lights
  • Headlamp: when you need a lamp while keeping your hand free.
  • Gloves: warm hands are super important.
  • Hiking Boots: solid pair supports comfort and prevents blisters and pains
  • Backpacks and Duffle bag: for carrying equipment and personal gear
  • Ice Axe / Crampons: easier to climb
  • Sleeping Bag: Great for comfortable sleep in colder slopes
  • Sleeping Mat: for stress-free back
  • Hydration Bladder: to have a constant feed of water

We also include several other gears as well as gadgets for arranging favorable conditions for our fellow travelers. While inclement weather days is hazardous, we allow more time to maximize the positive chances of a successful summit trip, by following a stringent guideline for all our climbers to prepare. These important factors are imperative for proper acclimatization as it helps greatly to ensure our chance of success on this demanding Aconcagua expedition.

Of course, you get perplexed with all these lists mentioned above, if you are a first time aspirant: Don’s be! these skills will be developed and assisted by our experts from Aconcagua One, for climbing the Aconcagua. Guided practice by yourself and with our mountaineering partner, you will prep to cross all Aconcagua hurdles with ease. The bottom line: Be prepared and expect the unexpected. Our team of experts are consistent, irrespective of challenges.