Movie Rentals Made Easy

Renting movies has never been easier with the help of Redbox. Over the past few years Redboxs have been appearing just about everywhere. Redbox offers Blu-Ray, DVD and video game rentals. Since there are limitless options it has become convenient and inexpensive for consumers to rent.
Redbox handles everyone’s rental needs in one easy stop.  Before arriving at a convenient Redbox location, customers can go online and check the availability at different Redbox outlets to look for the movies or video games they want to rent. If the rental is available at the location they chose, consumers can reserve it online so it will be there waiting for them. If someone is out grocery shopping and he or she decides to rent a movie, most grocery stores have a Redbox vending machine outside them. The movie does not even have to be returned in one night, if a renter decides to keep it an additional fee will be charged per day. When it is time to return the rental, it can be done at any Redbox location.

Movie rentals can range from three to five dollars depending on the location where they are rented from.   The price for one night rental depends on what you are renting. Prices for DVDS and Blu-Ray discs range from $1.50 to $2.00. If you choose to keep the rental for another night, the fee will be charged to the card you originally paid with. Once the rental is returned, there are no additional charges to the customer.
Redbox gives consumers a wide variety of DVDs, Blu-Rays and games to rent. A majority of the movies and games in Redbox are new releases. However, the company does alternate some older movies and games from time to time. Every Tuesday, the new releases for that week become available to rent.  There is no limit on how many movies or games someone can rent at a time either. A perk to using Redbox is once a consumer starts using it, they will start to receive coupon codes in emails for free rentals over time.
Redbox has changed the whole industry for movie rentals all based around their renters. To most renters it has been a great change allowing one stop for everything when they are out. Having the convenience and different options for an affordable price makes renting movies quick and easy
As a superb movie critic, Michele Filipkowski has written for many different movie and entertainment blogs from an expertise standpoint. Feel free to contact her @micheleashley89.

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  1. I can definitely agree that Redbox is quite beneficial when I’m out and about, and happen to notice a kiosk hanging around, but really that’s pretty rare and I mainly find myself just renting from Blockbuster @Home. It’s a neat little package I’ve had for a while now, after my coworker at Dish recommended it to me, and it includes DVD’s (including Blu-rays) and games by mail, streaming to my TV/PC and premium movie channels like EPIX. It’s very affordable for always having Dish in my home too, so it’s definitely my number one source for all things entertainment.

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