Moving House: The Essential Materials For Packing

Moving House: The Essential Materials For Packing

Moving house is no easy feat and requires lots of time, effort and thinking. The daunting task of packing can seem overwhelming yet can be made manageable if you have all the right packing materials. The following list of moving essentials will ensure you have all the little yet vital things you need to hand when packing, minimising stress and making the whole process a whole lot smoother.


It is obvious to say that boxes are one of the key ingredients in the packing business. Without boxes, where will things go? It is a good idea to get a mix of different sized boxes for the various items in your house. Small boxes are perfect for delicate or fragile items such as ornaments and knick-knacks as they can be better protected in smaller spaces, reducing the odds of breakages. Medium sized boxes are ideal for cutlery, plates and other kitchen utensils, as well as bathroom supplies and clothes neatly folded away inside. Leave larger boxes for the heavier items as they can support the weight better. Boxes can be purchased from a moving company for a guaranteed quality, however moving house is an expensive business and most people prefer to cut the costs and get perfectly decent boxes from local outlets and supermarkets.

Old Newspaper and Bubble Wrap

These are simple yet vital items for protecting your things from breakages, cracks or other such damages. Old newspaper can be used to wrap all items up to protect them against the elements as well as being used to fill up space in boxes to stop items from moving around too much. Bubble wrap is excellent for fragile items such as china and glassware, acting as cushion from any bumps or knocks that will inevitably occur whilst transporting items from one place to another.

A Plastic Folder

This is an important, yet often forgotten, piece of moving equipment. A plastic binder designed for organising paper is a great way of keeping all essential documents together in one safe place and saves the hassle of losing important papers. Minimise the stress of unpacking to search for a misplaced document and keep your mind at piece by storing items such as passports, degree papers, photos, letters, bills, house documents and bank statements in handy folders. Be super organised by having several folders that categorise papers or one for each family member.

Black Bin Bags

Perfect for last minute packing of items such as bed sheets, blankets, cushions and coats. These items can be folded away and placed inside. As these are the types of items that are light and will not break, they can be safely stored inside the bags and put on top of the other items in the removal van without causing any damage.

Tool Kit

A basic tool kit will allow you to dismantle furniture with ease and smooth the process of moving the larger items.

A Black Marker

It can be frustrating to get to your new home and not know which box has what in it, especially when faced with a mountain of them. Make the process smoother by carrying a black marker and write briefly on the outside of the box the items that it contains. Not only does this make packing easier, it simplifies unpacking too.

Stretch Wrap and Tape

Stretch wrap will secure the doors and drawers of your furniture, while tape will keep the boxes fastened and safe. Make sure to have your scissors with you though when you arrive at your new home – you will need to open those boxes again!

If you prefer hiring a professional home and office removals company in Wandsworth they will do all the packing and transporting for you safe and fast!