Moving With Fido Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

Every year, thousands of people move to new homes across town, state or country. Relocating can trigger incredible stress for you and your pets, but you can lessen the strain. Moving companies are perfect for handling your large items so that you can concentrate on easing the anxiety that your pets might experience. Pets sense when things are changing. Do what you can to make the move easy on them.

Before the Move
Prior to your move, check into the rules, regulations and statutes for pets in the town and state where you’re moving. You might have to give up an exotic pet like a lion or monkey based on your new locations pet requirements. Get your pet’s records from your vet. Take a photo in case your pet gets lost during the trip. Make sure your pet’s collar is on and all tags are in place. That way, if anything happens, your pet has proper identification and vaccination tags.
How to Transport
You need to decide how to transport your pet. If you can’t afford to hire a pet moving service, you’ll need to bring it in the car with you. A pet carrier will keep your pet safe and reduce any distractions. Bring a couple of collapsible bowls, some treats and a bottle of water for rest stops. Give your pet a chance to stretch its legs and take care of any bathroom needs.
You could send your pet by air, but be sure to check with the airline before you do. Most times, animals will be placed in the cargo area, which can be harmful. This area may be controlled or uncontrolled depending on the size of the plane. If you have no other way to move your pets, know the risks. You pet (and the carrier) may be tossed around during turbulence and the temperature may become too hot for your pet, especially if you face delays. Also, do your homework. Research airlines that are reputable for transporting pets and have an excellent animal welfare policy as well.
Some pets, including turtles, can be mailed overnight to your new home. Same rules apply here. Research companies that deliver pets. Make sure your pet will be properly cared for and will arrive to your new location safely.
If you, and your pet drive, you may need to spend some time in a hotel before your furniture arrives. Find a pet-friendly hotel to avoid boarding your pet. Many hotels charge a small deposit that they’ll refund if your pet doesn’t cause any damage to your room. Bring a leash and a few toys too.
Once you Arrive
Give your pet some time to adjust to the new setting. Your pet will know the new place is home when you set out familiar bedding, bowls and toys. Immediately get back into the same routine that you had before moving. Find a new vet as soon as possible, and get your pet any vaccinations required in your new location.
Moving companies cannot transport pets, but they can take care of your big items. That will give you time to focus on your pet to lessen the stress of moving.

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