MSc In Internet Retailing A Smart Step Towards Creating Successful Intelligent Retailers?

Is it worth doing a qualification these days or should smart people looking for a management role in online retail try to work themselves up the ladder instead? This article looks at the preferences of employers and the qualifications available for those looking to get employed.

What Employers Look For

Many online employers would prefer employees who have experience over employees who only hold a qualification. Things in ecommerce evolve fast. Students who are currently trained for a career in online retailing learn things that may be old news in retail technology once the student has graduated. Talented IT professionals often come from early dotcom enterprises and not from institutes.
When looking to get into any intelligent retail business, what is of main importance is to understand the retail industry as a whole. The interest to learn more about new channels to improve current sales is an added bonus and sometimes a requirement, but general retail skills are still valued highest. Furthermore, businesses tend to focus on what applicants they think will match their organisation and the particular team that is recruiting, once the first initial stage of the application screening is over.

Mixing theory with experience

Some MScs in internet retailing allow students to work while they study. These qualifications really are the best and most sought after as they combine theory with practice. What these qualifications offer furthermore, is training in management for future leaders in the internet retailing sector. There is a lot of focus on leadership and managing people as students have some managerial role at a business while they study. Compared to the more common and highly sought after by many recruiters and HR departments; diplomas in internet marketing – an MSc is much broader and covers fields such as buying and logistics as well as good management practice which helps create the clever retailers of tomorrow.

Where to Look for Qualifications

There are only a few universities who have been forward thinking enough to offer qualifications in internet retailing, but the numbers are growing. At the moment courses can be found at Manchester Metropolitan University and Lancaster University. Other retail qualifications at university level don’t focus solely on ecommerce, but internet retailing is often offered as a selectable module.

The Future for Intelligent Retailers

Students following a degree or masters in an online retail related course are expected to be snapped up straight away by hungry businesses ready to expand sales onto their websites. Retailers want to make the most out of multichannel retailing and the here to stay ecommerce craze.
University fees are rising for individuals, but there are companies who sponsor talented staff to undertake qualifications in smart internet retailing. In case you don’t have the job yet, a good way is still to do a one year postgraduate diploma in digital marketing which also covers internet retailing. Many recruiters look for this certificate when recruiting for online departments. The university qualifications are still very new on the market, with the first graduates just leaving their institutes.

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