Muay Thai Courses In Thailand For Everyone

Thailand is a beautiful country and popular holiday destination. Every year crowds of people travel to this part of Asia in order to visit the beautiful sandy beaches or the busy streets of Bangkok. But, it seems that Thailand is getting another symbol that is recognized worldwide – Muay Thai.

Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing especially among Westerners is a martial art, combat sport and self-defense method that relies on grappling and hand to hand combat. So, Muay Thai is much more than some brutal activity in which participants are trying to beat each other. Even though it originates from Thailand, this interesting sport is now practiced everywhere in the world. But still, Muay Thai training in a camp in Thailand is the best choice. Even complete beginners can start enjoying the health benefits of Muay Thai training in the sport’s birthplace. So, even if you have never had a Muay Thai training class in your life or any other martial arts class, you should not feel any pressure or stress when joining a camp in Thailand.

Selecting a good Muay Thai training camp and program is closely related to the motives behind your interest in this type of training. Are you there to become a competitor, support your loss weight plan, learn self defense, improve your overall fitness level or try something completely new? People of all ages and weight can start with this training, but it is the best idea to look for classes and program appropriate for your weight. When it comes to the period of the day when you should take these classes, some experts suggest training in the morning and middle afternoon (after lunch). According to them this is the time when fewer students participate in the classes and trainers can focus on each student. Of course, if you choose a reputable Muay Thai training camp you will always get the necessary attention from trainers.

In case you just want to try this sport by taking a few training classes, choose a long weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Keep in mind that some training camps don’t work on Sunday so make sure that your camp is open when you want to train. By taking classes for 2-3 days at , you will get a chance to experience the dedication, passion, creativity and pride Thai people bring to this fitness activity and sport. This sport is part of their culture and they are really proud of it. On the other hand, people who are serious about Muay Thai should spend between one and three months in Thailand.

Even in situations when students are taking Muay Thai classes just to experience something new or to have fun while they are on vacation, you can learn a lot of things about Thai culture and tradition on the mats of these camps. This is where people of all ages, professions and social statuses come together to workout.