Mumbai On An Upbeat Mood!

Mumbai is a place where time does not cease, it is a place where people do not sleep and the celebrations do not just finish! Now, Mumbai is in its true colours – Mumbai is upbeat with some of the best events of the year. Here are some glimpses.

World Cup 2015 Enjoyment

Cricket lovers, you cannot just watch the World Cup matches in your drawing room! What can be more fun than watching the match on the big screen at Mumbai Harbour with like-minded people? The enjoyment would be just amazing!

The Venue would be at Mumbai Harbour at Chembur. Timings are 12 PM’s on Sunday matches.

Dirty Disko Cocktail of the Month

If you love a cheeky cocktail drink along with music from one of the top International DJ’s, then party is ‘on’ for you at Silk on Saturdays of the Month of March starting today. This is slated to be one of the premier events in Mumbai and all eyes are set for the performance by DJ David Beatson. The event will extend until 4th April 2015 and you can register for the event by text messaging your group size and name to 07514 189863 or online at or

The Artist’s Way – Art Workshop

This is a Creative Experiential Workshop for Artists and for others with varying backgrounds, in view of Julia Cameron’s stunning book “The Artist’s Way.” Large portions of us wish we were more inventive! Large portions of us sense we are more imaginative, yet are not able to successfully tap that imagination. Our lives feel by one means or another level. Regularly, we have extraordinary thoughts, heavenly dreams, however are not able to realize them for ourselves. Now and again, we have particular imaginative longings we would love to have the capacity to satisfy – figuring out how to play the piano, painting, taking an acting class, or composing.

At times, our objective is more diffuse. We crave what may be called inventive living – an extended feeling of inventiveness in our business lives, in offering to our kids, our life partner, our companions.

While there is no snappy fix for a moment, agony free innovativeness, imaginative recuperation (or revelation) is an assertive, track-capable profound procedure.

So, Artist’s Way is the path to express yourself. The timings are from 10th March till 26 April 2014 at 4:00PM. The venue is Academy Of Learning And Development located in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai.

Avalon 2k15

Avalon is a national level specialized fest carried out by Terna Engineering College. It has Project rivalry & Technical paper presentation for Students. It displays all yearning specialists to express their thoughts, undertakings and models on a national level. To partake contact the event delegates- Sai Ganesh Menon: +919167019959 or Satya Panigrahi: +918108910196. The fest is slated to be hugely popular amongst the young adults. The venue is Terna Engineering College at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The timings are from 9:00 AM every day, from Tuesday, 10th March 2015 till 12th March 2015.

If you love celebrations in a variety, then do not miss these Mumbai events!

Author’s Bio:  The author is an outdoor freak and a travel blogger. When not travelling, he loves to follow events in Mumbai as they unfold and also contributes his experiences by writing for eventshigh.