Music Therapy And Their Health Benefits

Music has been found to have an effect on the human body.  Even the health care field has started incorporating musical therapy techniques.  It has been believed that music has healing powers.  Music has been used on ailments ranging from kids with ADD to cancer victims.  Several hospitals regularly use music therapy to help patients with depression, pain, and muscle tension.  Music can affect both the body and mind in a number of different ways.


It has been found that music with a strong beat has the ability to stimulate brainwaves to the beat of the tempo.  Therefore, faster beats will allow for more concentration.  On the other hand, a slower tempo will create a calm and almost meditative state.  This change in the brain can allow the mind to shift speeds on its own when it is needed.  Music can affect the brain over time even when it is not being played.

Breath and Heart Rate

The change in the heart rate also affects other parts of the body.  Music can help slow down heart rate and breathing to help relieve stress or anxiety.  This will help patients become more relaxed and calm.  Chronic stress can bring about damaging side effect later in life.  Music will help minimize stress for a healthy lifestyle.


Music has been known to keep depression away.  Stress can affect people physically and mentally.  Music reduces the risk of stress by raising creativity and optimism levels.

A Few Others

Not only does music affect the mind, brainwaves, breathing, and heart rate, there are other positive benefits on other parts of the body.  Music can lower blood pressure, limit muscle tension, and raise immunity.


Music has been around for years.  Genres and styles have been developing over the years and there is a type of music to fit anybody’s interest.  With the knowledge of health benefits, musical therapy has been increasing in popularity.  Several hospitals even have a musical therapist on staff.  However, you do not need a musical therapist to get the benefits of music.  When you feel stressed, anxious, angry, sad, or any emotion that is affecting your wellbeing, all you need to do is play some music.  If the music makes you feel better that it will benefit you physically and emotional.  It does not matter if it is a song on the radio or live music.  Any type of music can help you physically and emotionally.

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