Must Have iphone Apps For CEOs

iPhones, undoubtedly, have simplified the life of super-busy CEOs. You have to be in touch with every event that is happening in the office, even in his physical absence. Numerous apps have been designed, exclusively, to make the lives of these busy people simpler and a little hassle-free. Read about few such iPhone apps for CEOs right here…

Top 5 iPhone apps for CEOs

1. BizExpense
This app by Anishu, Inc. comes at a cost of $1.99. This app helps to keep track of the expenditure and verify the receipts as and when they are incurred. Thus, the app makes sure that you are still able to enjoy your trip, yet keep track of the expenses incurred without much worries. This app couold be configured easily into your corporate mail server, thus enabling you to send across the expense reports you have compiled. You can even attach images of the receipt copies as you mail the receipts.

2. GoDocs for Google Docs
You can now create, edit, share, or view Google documents even while you are away from your computer. Courtesy – the GoDocs apps for Google DocsTM! This app allows you to use multiple Google accounts and even download the documents to your iPhone, so that you can refer to them even in the absence of Internet connectivity. The built-in standard PDF viewer of this app allows you to view PDF files at an amazingly fast loading speed. Now, manage the revisions made to the documents without any hassles at this app priced at $4.99

3. OmniFocus: Task manager
Task management is now simple and at your fingertips. All you have to do is to embrace OmniFocus, the task manager application designed for iPhone users. It is the winner of the Apple Design Award for best Productivity App. It allows you to keep track of the tasks according to person, place, date, or projects. You can synchronize your tasks with other OmniFocus copies by making use of the Sync Server from Omni or any other WebDAV servers. The app also allows you to add images and audio notes to your tasks that will act as quick reminders, in case you have countless tasks to keep track. Priced at $19.99, this is one of those applications, which every busy CEO should own, without caring about the price, as it, indeed, helps in simplifying the life.

4. OpenTable
Scheduling an important dinner or lunch business meeting is now easy. The Open Table app helps you make the reservations well ahead of time in a simple and easy way. You can search from 25,000-plus restaurants located across United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Check for the availability in the restaurants of your choice, by sorting as per availability, price, or points, according to the date, time, and number of participants. The app keeps you updated about the table availability on a real time basis. With OpenTable for iPhone you can make free, instant reservations for your lunch or dinner meetings.

5. Siri Virtual: Personal assistant
As the name suggests, this app is a virtual personal assistant that actually performs all the tasks of your personal assistant in her absence. Schedule your meetings, place the phone calls, send messages – this intelligent iPhone app does everything. All you have to do is to ask. It is a very simple and easy to use app, and comes handy for the CEOs who spend most of their time in travel.

The life of a CEO is definitely intertwined and complicated with scores of scored activities requiring his attention. The above-mentioned apps can simplify his life. Try them now!

Abhishek works with a number of CEOs and self branding Gold Coast companies. In his spare time he liks reviewing iPhone and android applications.

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