Must Have Things Before Going On A Theme Park Trip

Are you ready for your theme park visit? Wait a minute! Are you sure about that? Have you checked if you prepared everything you need? If you don’t want to miss anything, use this article as your guide.

Money. When you’re in a theme park, expect that you will see a lot of souvenirs and other knickknacks. Believe me, those are hard to resist. Plus, you need to bring back something to your loved ones. Always have spare money with you. You never know what’s in store for you in theme parks. It’s better to be prepared.   

Credit card or ATM card. Most establishments accept credit card payments. But you shouldn’t be very complacent. Remember that there are bad days when credit cards won’t work. This is just for a backup plan. Don’t use it unless it is an emergency.   

Mobile Phone.  Theme parks can be very crowded. It’s possible to get lost. I know that it’s a scary thought most especially if you have kids with you. My recommendation is that you provide them with their own mobile phones. Have your numbers on speed dial. And since you and your kids will be testing different rides, put your mobile phones inside your belt bags. Avoid putting it in your pockets. Yes, belt bags will come very handy in theme park getaways. Or if you will not carry one, have a lanyard specifically designed for mobile phones.

Extra Clothes. Theme parks can be very tiring. Not to mention perspiring.  Those who don’t have extra clothes will go home soaking wet. Not a good thought, right? You should bring extra clothes regardless of your age. Yes, I would recommend this even to the kids at heart.

Camera. I know that theme park visits are memorable. But having those moments captured is a plus. Check your photos 5 or 10 years from now and have a great laugh with your family and friends.

Snacks. Most of the time, foods available in theme parks are overpriced. To save some cash, why not bring your own snacks. Prepare sandwiches or buy some biscuits. If you can bring water, that’s better. You are having fun without making your budget disappear in an instant.

To be able to have a hassle and worry free theme park escapade, you need to prepare. Share this article to your family and friends and have the best experiences in amusement or theme parks.

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Kim Bookman surely loves to go to theme parks. It makes her feel young. And because she regularly visits theme parks, she’s an expert when it comes to preparing the must haves.