My Budgie Helps Me With Essay Editing

I know that seems a very strange title, but it did get your attention admit it. My budge called HOC, is blue and white with a sort of black pattern all over the body. I am not sure if HOC is a boy or a girl, but I am going to assume he is a boy. I also am going to assume his age as I have no idea of that either. So let’s say he’s a few months old.

So I have a budgie that I know very little about and he helps me with my essay editing. Seems a little unlikely does it not? Well it is in a way true. Hoc or whatever his real name is came to me on my second week at college.

I was at my room listening to music. It was a hot day so I had all the windows open to try and bring in a cool breeze and to entertain everybody outside with my great music. Maybe my music is a little heavy for most, but it always sounds better through the speakers than via a headset. I would hear the occasional “shut up” from outside and even next door. But I am always sure they will get to like it-someday.

After a couple of hours I turned off the music and lay on bed listening to the chirping of the birds. Summer and chirping birds go hand in hand. But this chirping was more annoying than usual. It became so annoying I got off the bed to close the window, and as I did this blue budgie flapped its wings right in my face and flew from the window in crazy circles in my room. I knew it would be fruitless to try and catch the bird; I would just let it exhaust itself and deal with it then.

Move forward four hours and the bird was still avoiding me. It seemed to have an endless amount of energy, and would rest a few seconds and fly again. I had the windows wide open, but the budgies navigation system seemed to be able to avoid the windows. Who knows why?

As it began to get dark I decided just to ignore the thing. After all it was not mine, why did I care. Somebody would knock on the door and claim it; I just had to get on with tomorrows work. That work was editing an essay, which seems to be the most boring thing on planet Earth when looking out the window at a beautiful summers evening. The essay could wait, I was going out.

S I put on my shirt I noticed that the budgie was now very still. In fact I noticed it was breathing so heavy, and I realized it must be exhausted and hungry. How could I leave the poor thing like this? I put some water in a small carton that I had some noodles in and left it in the middle of the room on the floor. I watched and waited.

After a few minutes the bird (Hoc) hobbled over and started drinking. Ever since that day Hoc and I have been inseparable. He has no cage, but he has a small area with newspaper and toys. He has ample budgie food and affection. Nobody ever claimed him, and now he is mine.

So how did he help me with essay editing? That night I stayed in was the night I had to do something. I could not leave Hoc alone. So I spent a few hours doing the job I so hated. Thanks to Hoc it was not only done, but it also scored well. Thanks Hoc. 

Paul and Hoc are still doing essay editing.