My Eyes Adored You

Now for those of my parent’s age you will know that the title to this article is also the title to a well-known song from Frankie Valli. This was a song that I always hummed to at home, as I never could remember the lyrics. The song I urge you to go find on YouTube or ITunes as for an old style song it really is very beautiful and not a song you will ever hear unless you go looking for it on your radio. I do not think many of us listen to the golden oldies stations anyway.

My mum and dad would all swoon up when the track came on at home and they would even sing along too. On some occasions the most disgusting would happen as they would start dancing together and kissing. It is also a song that means if their bedroom door was closed and you heard it then it was absolutely no entry. Gross!
Anyway it obviously managed to get in my head as I like it and I have heard it so many times too. I am even often singing and humming it in my car or as I walk in the street. It is sort of my default tune now. Most people of my age have no idea what it is and even if I told them they would be none the wiser and maybe they even roll their eyes too.
Last week when I was sitting on my bed trying to do essay editing and failing I started humming the tune very loud forgetting that the door was wide open to the hall way. I suddenly heard someone sing the words “My Eyes Adored You” in tune with my humming. I looked up and saw a girl smiling at the door way. I smiled back and she walked in and asked what I was humming. I told her.
The amazing thing is that it turned out to be one of her dad’s favorite songs to, so just like me it had dripped into her memory. We both also admitted that we liked the song and thought it was very romantic. At this point she sat on my bed and asked me if I knew any of Frankie Valli’s other music. Sorry to say I did not apart from the soundtrack of Grease which I knew he sang.
She asked me if I would like to hear more of his stuff as she had it on her mp3 layer in her room. The word “yes” rather screamed out and we both laughed. I took my book and would continue my essay editing in her room with Frankie. Of course I hoped Frankie was not the only reason I am would be visiting her room!
Graham Hull is still a lover of Frankie Valli and now may have a new lover in college too.