My Music Blog

I use my music blog to express myself and present a version of my lifestyle that I can control. I am very active in the music and arts scenes in my local community, and writing about events and culture is my way of documenting a positive focus in life. I have chosen to focus on music because it is a good way of organizing the events in my life.
I started my blog as a way of documenting the local gigs that I was attending. I would post pictures that I took with my digital camera and write short reviews. As I became more familiar with the bands, I would post song files and reviews of their studio recordings. People began to view my blog as an authority on the cool things that were happening in the area. These days, local bands let me know about private shows that are not open to their general audiences. I am given access to recordings that are not made available to everyone else. Bands know that other people in the community check my website to find out about fun events, so musicians let me know right away whenever they book a show that they want a lot of people to attend. If I happen to not like a band that has written to me, I do not write about them on my blog. It may seem mean, but my blog is still a private site that I use to express myself. I do not feel that I am obligated to give free publicity to everyone who writes to me.

Fashion relates to music because local shows are often platforms for the hottest new styles. People know that they will be seen by other cool people, so they make sure they are dressed with the trend. I like to post pictures of fashionable concert-goers on my blog because I feel that they encapsulate the rock and roll lifestyle that I write about. People who enjoy music but who do not possess musical talent will sometimes express their creativity through the clothes they wear. I have expanded upon this concept to include my own tastes when it comes to everyday clothing and makeup.
When I started my blog, I decided that I was going to keep it as simple as possible. I do not like reading websites that take a long time to load or have layouts that look cool but do not serve any function. I use a simple template that allows me to embed videos from YouTube and streaming my song files from Soundcloud. I found my audience very quickly because I wrote about the things that I knew people would enjoy reading about. I get new readers by frequently posting about the exclusive recordings and concerts that musicians tell me about. I think it is important to focus on music instead of me as a person. I have settled upon a good balance between musical and personal content.
I am not overly concerned with making money from my blog; I already reap rewards from it. All the same, I am thinking about posting advertisements on my blog to make some extra money. I would make it clear that my blog’s content was not driven by attempts to turn a profit.

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