Myths and Facts about Hyperhidrosis

It’s not unusual to sweat when engaging in intense physical activity or when you’re subjected to extreme heat. Some people, on the other hand, sweat without warning – they experience drops of water pouring down their bodies at the most inopportune moments. Most people who sweat like this are unaware that excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that can be treated. The myths and facts about excessive sweating are broken down below.

Overweight People Are The Only Ones Who Sweat Excessively

This is nothing but a myth. Hyperhidrosis can affect anyone, even those who are average weight. Overweight people naturally tend to sweat more because their body’s temperature gauge has to work overtime to keep the body cool. This extra work produces more sweat, but it does not mean that they’re suffering with hyperhidrosis.

Baby Power On The Armpits Will Help To Reduce Sweating

Baby powder will absorb some of your sweat and cause a huge mess, but it will not reduce sweating. You’re better off using some sort of antiperspirant instead of the powder because the only result you’ll get for your effort is ruined clothes.

Sweat causes body odor

A lot of people mistakenly believe that body odor is caused by sweat. The truth is that sweat is virtually odorless, and the odor is really caused by bacteria on your skin’s surface. When the bacteria combine with sweat, it produces a foul odor. You can reduce odor by shaving the hair from your underarms and other places where you normally sweat on your body.

Men have more sweat glands than women

Most people falsely assume that because men sweat more than women it means that they have more sweat glands. The opposite is in fact true: Women have more sweat glands than men. Men sweat more than women, not because they have more sweat glands but because their sweat glands are more active. Women are also less likely to sweat than men because they shave the areas where we’re all more likely to sweat the most. The underarms and legs are just a few examples.

Most of the sweat glands are located on the underarms

Although the underarms are well known as the place where sweating occurs, the belief that most of the sweat glands are located there is a misconception. The truth is that most of our sweat glands are located on our feet. We don’t notice how much our feet sweat because it is usually covered for much of the day.

You’ll have a better workout if you sweat more

Some people define their workouts by the volume of sweat they produce. This is wrong because sweat has only one function: to cool the body down. Sweating cannot effectively measure the value of your workout because some people naturally sweat more than others. If you want to determine how effective your workout really is, you should measure your heart rate or count the number of calories you burn.

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