Myths & Facts Linked To Campervan Road Trips

Most people, who have never experienced a campervan road trip think that it’s quite easy to organize one. However, there are also those who believe that it’s utterly strenuous to hit the roads alone with your family or a bunch of friends.

Well, the fact is none of these notions is entirely correct. Campervan road trips are neither too easy to organize nor too difficult, the kind of problems that you face depends on your ability to plan your trip. If you pay attention to everything in advance, you can save yourself from encountering potential difficulties.

If you haven’t travelled on a campervan yet, here is a list of myths and facts about campervan travel.

Myth – Travelling In a Campervan is Taxing

Fact – It’s true that you have to consider several things before you plan to hit lonely roads with your friend or family members on a campervan; however, it doesn’t mean its taxing. The fact is, it depends on how effectively you plan your trip. In case you start preparing for it well in advance, you will not experience anything problematic; however, if you leave all the planning to last moment, you are bound to face huge issues.

Taking short brakes can bring a world of difference when it comes to reducing the challenges that you might face while driving.

It will save you from getting tired quickly, as you will get enough time to recharge yourself during the break. You can’t force yourself to hit the roads for more than three hours as it has its consequences. Yes, if you continue to drive without taking that much-needed rest, you will get tired, which will start reflecting your driving after a point of time.

All the intelligent road trippers, make informed decisions, such as they make sure that they eat at the right time, take a break frequently, and keep themselves fully hydrated all the time. It will help them save from extreme tiredness and dehydration and will maintain their energy level effectively.

Myth – Raod Trips Cost a Lot

Fact – Most people feel that if they plan a campervan road trip with their loved ones or friends, it will cost them huge money; however, that’s not at all true. You can cut your travel cost to a great extent if you take concrete steps in that direction. For example, instead of booking your vehicle during the peak season, you should do that in the off-season. It will save you a substantial amount of money. And the best part is that most of reputed campervan rental companies offer stunning deals and discounts to their customers when they book a vehicle in advance.

Similarly, you can book your campsite in the off-season to cut your travel cost.  All you have to do is, plan your trip 3-to-4 months earlier from the date of actual travel. If you stick to it, nothing can stop you from reducing your travel expense.

Myth – People Fall Sick During Long Road Trips

Fact – Most people believe that because of constant driving and lack of facilities that they experience during their campervan road trips make them fall sick. However, that’s not true. The fact is, you will fall sick anywhere in the world if you fail to take care of yourself, so why to blame road trips for that. What you need to understand is, it’s your responsibility to maintain your health, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Even if you are at your home, and you fail to nourish your body with crucial nutrients, you will fall sick. The same applies when you are on a road trip.

The key to staying healthy is to consume nutrient-dense foods that can supply those much-needed vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates in your body. In other words, you have to eat a balanced diet to maintain your energy level to stay active.

So, make sure that you pack essential snacks and long-lasting foods for your trip to avoid potential health problems.

Myth – It’s Hard To Navigate Unknown Routes

Fact – If you are someone who uses advanced gadgets then navigating any route won’t be difficult for you. For example, you can download navigation apps on your phone to travel anywhere in Australia. Your app will not only help you to stay on your route, but it will tell you in advance about the destinations that you will get along it. Since the time navigation apps have come into the picture, anyone can travel anywhere in the world without any difficulty.

It means if you have a smartphone, you don’t have to carry a physical map with you. In today’s digital world, human life has become extremely simple. You can do everything that you want if you have a smartphone. In short, the use of technology has made traveling in any part of the world a piece of cake.

Two most common navigation apps that you can use on both iOS and Android devices include Waze and Navmii. However, if you only have an iOS device, then you can also use Navigon USA and the Verizon VZ Navigator.

Myth – You Feel Lonely

Fact – Raod trippers are those people who love adventure, and if you are also one among them, you will never feel lonely. They enjoy loneliness, that’s the reason they go for solo trips. And, if you are traveling with your whole family, then there is no question of feeling lonely.

So, if you are thinking of discovering beautiful destinations in Australia, you don’t have to think twice when it comes to traveling by a campervan.

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