Natural Alternatives To Dermatological Medicines

We all want to get rid of our skin issues and look in the mirror to see healthy, vibrant, strong skin.  The only problem is, we can’t all agree on the right way to get there.

A lot of people support using a lot of skin products – creams, moisturizers, scrubs, etc. But for another segment of the population, this maybe isn’t such a great idea. After all, bombarding our skin day after day with chemical after chemical is not exactly anyone’s idea of having healthy and “natural” skin.
How can you have healthy skin, naturally?  Read on to learn more about natural alternatives to dermatological medicines – that actually work.
Exfoliation: The “Dry Brush” Method
Some people think that the best way to exfoliate skin is to use a chemical scrub with little beads in it. Maybe it works, but we’ve got a better method: the “Dry Brush” method. Using a soft brush with dry bristles, exfoliate your skin by gently brushing away the dead cells. This will “wake up” your skin every morning and help you to get rid of the skin problems that caused your need to exfoliate in the first place. It’s cheap, easy to do, doesn’t require any chemicals and is healthy for your skin.
Psoriasis: Is Vinegar the Answer?
Mixing a cup of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of water and using it on a washcloth to apply to your itchy skin? Sounds like nonsense and an old worn-out remedy, but you’d be surprised at just how well it can work. In fact, vinegar is good for a lot of household uses if you’re willing to explore it. Many people associate the acidity with something that’s bad for your skin, but vinegar can gently clean your skin.

A Prescription for Prevention
Of course, there’s the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can use a lot of natural substances to enhance the health of your skin, such as olive oil or Moroccan Argon oil, which is believed to have great anti-dryness and irritation properties. Rubbing these oils onto your sensitive skin areas on a regular basis may prove to be a great way to prevent rashes from breaking out and in order to prevent dryness. These are also great for use on the scalp in order to nourish your hair.
Get Moving for Better Skin Circulation
If your skin isn’t healing quickly, there’s a chance that your circulation may be poor. Your skin needs contact with blood so that it can receive the body’s natural treatments. Otherwise, your healing will be slow] So get up and moving in order to increase the circulation of blood to your skin. Even just a little exercise a day may yield great – and natural – benefits you’ll love to see in the mirror each morning.
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