Natural Healing With Herbs From The Garden

Many of the modern medicines that are used so plentifully today came about because of herbal predecessors. Herbs were highly valued for their medicinal qualities and today the makers of medicine are using manufactured and synthetic products in order to replicate the effects that the herbs create. Today herbs can still be used in the treatment of many common maladies and won’t carry the unwanted side effects that are so often part of a drug regimen. While the use of drugs in treating sickness and medical conditions play an important role in the quality and length of life, the use of herbal remedies can alleviate many discomforts and minor illnesses.

Herbs Used in Alleviating Depression
The costs of drugs for depression and the uncomfortable side effects of many drug treatments have led many to seek out herbal remedies before choosing to take prescription drugs. St. John’s wort has been used for many years to treat depression and some claim that it is effective as some of the most popular prescription drug treatments. Some of the other popular herbal remedies include ginseng and ginkgo, licorice, ginger and basil.

Herbs Used for Disinfecting Wounds
Many herbs are dried, ground and mixed into a powder-like substance that will be made into a wound-soothing poultice or ointment. Specific instructions for the appropriate ratios in the mixtures and for properly preparing the ointments are plentifully available. Some herbs used for the cleansing and healing of wounds include calendula, comfrey, myrrh, yarrow and goldenseal.

Herbs for Cardiovascular Health
Preventing distressing heart and cardiovascular conditions is an important health benefit that can be obtained through the use of artichoke leaf, barberry, goldenseal, and red yeast rice. Herbs used in the process of staving off potential and serious medical conditions are very popularly grown in many medicinal herb gardens.

Herbs for Common Ailments
Something as common and frustrating as acne can be treated effectively with the use of herbal remedies. And when those remedies have been grown in your own garden, the potential for monetary savings is another great reason to try them. Some herbs to try for this are aloe, walnut leaf and witch hazel. Goldenseal and tea tree oil also have astringent qualities. To reduce the discomfort of acne lavender, rosewater and calendula may be used. Some herbs can be used internal to for the treatment of acne. These include milk thistle, dandelion and Echinacea. These herbs may also provide you with other healing circumstances as well.

Multipurpose Herbs
Some herbs such as lavender, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile and parsley can be used for many different ailments and are staples in many medicinal herb gardens. For herbal teas, there are also several favorites that can be planted. The herbal choices to plant for teas include lemon basil, chamomile, lemon verbena, rose hips, rosemary and lavender. Different mixtures of herbs can be experimented with to try out a variety of flavors. If you are looking for relief of an upset stomach, peppermint, licorice root and chamomile are good choices.

Even if you are just starting, the ease of growing herbs and finding information about using herbs in medicinal purposes make it simple to include some herbal remedies in your day-to-day life.

Lawrence Reaves writes for The Growers Exhange, a gardening company offering potted, herb and flowering plants and accessories.  Check out their most popular products here.