Need An Expungement To Get Hired In Orlando?

Being arrested can be more than a hassle – it can ultimately damage your reputation for life, especially when you’re seeking a job in the Orlando area. Many individuals who have been arrested and charged with a crime will go on to face rejection from potential employers based solely on their criminal records, even if they have been found not guilty in court. This can mean a lifetime of lost wages, lower paying jobs, the inability to provide for yourself or your family and a diminished ability to pay for everyday expenses.

What Can You Do?
Thankfully, Orlando-area residents may have the ability to have criminal records expunged through the help of a criminal defense attorney. In some cases, an attorney can have criminal records expunged or sealed for individuals who have been charged with crimes, and this can go a long way in repairing your good name and opening job opportunities.
Expunging Your Criminal Record
The expungement process can be quite complicated, and it may take a great deal of time. Often, paperwork will need to be filled out and filed with a variety of agencies in order to have a record removed, and even then, some maintenance may need to take place in order to ensure that the record remains expunged. In some cases, a criminal record in Florida may be expunged but sealed, meaning that the criminal incident may still show up on a criminal record check, but the actual facts of the case will remain sealed to viewers. For these reasons, trying to have a record expunged on your own may be difficult and costly.
Seek Legal Help
If you’ve tried to have a criminal charge expunged, but you’ve been unsuccessful, or if you’d like to have a record expunged, but you’re unsure of where to start, partnering with an attorney may be the best idea. In many cases, hiring the best criminal lawyer Orlando has to offer means that you will receive his or her expertise and experience, as well as a large amount of time saved trying to complete the expungement process.
In some cases, such as when a guilty plea has been entered or when a conviction has been handed down in court, it may not be possible to have a criminal record expunged. Also, as mentioned, some records can be expunged and sealed, but they will still show up if a criminal records check is performed. In order to find out if you fall into either of these two categories, it’s important to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you are able to have your record expunged, you may be able to take advantage of better career opportunities in the future, and you won’t have to worry about being fired from a job if you didn’t report your previous criminal charges. Essentially, hiring the best criminal defense attorney Orlando has to offer means you gain peace of mind in knowing that he or she will handle the entire process for you.
Katie Hewatt is a legal researcher and contributing writer for Orlando Attorneys Katz & Phillips, who have years of experience dealing with expungement cases. Attorneys at Katz & Phillips are a dedicated team of talented professionals that will fight for your rights.