New Opportunity for Investment in Fintech Companies in India

To make the best of the money you have, you have to invest it in a progressive company. So, why should one invest it in a company? The companies have the potential to grow and they are already established. This means that you don’t need to check for their background or look at the history of the owner and things like that. You only need to see their annual return for the past year.

Technology Companies Invading the Market

One must choose a business that is the best in the market. This means they will have good annual returns and the growth will remain sustained. You find the financial market disrupted by technology and this is not an occasional occurrence. The investors choose the best growing fintech companies for funding. Paytm, Lendingkart Technologies, and Policybazaar are among the hottest asian fintech companies in India.

The fintech companies have good chances for profit making because of the growth of technology on the internet. The improvement in the way we access the net and interact with the customers through readymade apps helps improve the customer relationship. Funding for the fintech companies is essential for their expansion and growth. Paytm expanded to more than 20 million users and have received $2.09 billion in funding so far.

New Instance of Funding

In a similar fashion, the health insurance service provider Clover Health received money in the July 2017 financing round to the tune of $130 million. This has raised their total funding to $425 million in all so far and is valued at $1.2 billion. Investors wait for the next round of financing and keep close tabs on the performance of the company.

If you want a fintech in the actual sense as a company that uses the latest technology and is involved in financial transaction on a global scale, then you can check out Coinbase. This is one of the largest cryptocurrency players in the market and has a market value of $1.6 billion. They received an investor funding of $108 million in August last year. SInce cryptocurrencies is still a jungle for most people, they depend on the established firms like Coinbase to validate the transactions involving bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. For investors, this is one of the best biotech companies in US with a good growth potential for wealth management.

High ROI in India

The annual ROI expectations on the fintech companies in India is the highest in the world. It stands at 29% compared to Europe fintech companies that give an ROI of 14% only. North America has 23% that is slightly more than the global average of 20%. You can see how the investing sector has moved away from the main stream to concentrate on the new startups. This would have been unthinkable just a decade or so ago.

The number of startups in 2015 worldwide numbered 13,526 in the fintech sector with the investment of the group amounting to $18.5 billion. The Indian Fintech section of the software market will touch the $2.4 billion mark by 2020. Given the growth atmosphere in the fintech sector, the investors eagerly wait for more opportunities to invest and grow their wealth.