New Smartphones The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 B – News and Rumors

It is not just a rumor, the new smartphone Pixel 2 was officially confirmed by Google a hardware company boss. Pixel was our best phone in 2016. Here is a summary of the new features that we expect from the second-generation models.

Google Smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 B

It’s only been a few months since Google Pixel premiere date and Pixel XL, but we have heard rumors and news about the models of 2017, which is scheduled to launch in the fall.

It’s not just a rumor, we have heard a lot about Google Pixel 2, and however, the hardware boss of Google – Rick Osterloh, has officially confirmed that the second iteration of the Google Pixel is actually. This is not surprising, but still nice to get official confirmation.

We do not know exactly how Google has plans to call its next smartphone models, so we call them conditionally Pixel 2. That’s all we know.

Even the Best Camera

Google Pixel phones praised for powerful cameras that compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, it seems, the Google gives priority to them again in their second-generation devices. According to one source, Google aims to improve the ability to shoot in low light following Pixel. The camera will not have a large amount of MP, but this will be offset by additional functions.

Waterproof Pixel

Next-generation pixel is likely to be waterproof. Walking is such that Apple and Samsung offer protection against water and dust for their flagship devices to compete, Google Pixel 2 is likely to receive protection class IP67 or IP68, which will submerge it in water to a depth of 1 – 1.5 meters, for 30 minutes.

But, waterproofing may not be as defining function. The reason why it was not in the current version of Pixel? Google has ran out of time. After all, Google had rejected plans for the device at the end of 2015 and start from scratch – it means that the phone has been built in just nine months. Huawei had to make a new device, but the Chinese company refused, when Google to remove the Huawei logo asked. Therefore, HTC took up smartphones instead of Huawei.

Which Processor would be there in Google Pixel 2?

Google can try to make your own processor – like Apple, making the iPhone. It is in the plans, according to Dave Burke, Google Vice President of Engineering.

It is unlikely that the chips will be ready to enter Pixel 2, after creating a custom processor is not an easy task. New information from the network says that Google is testing Pixel 2 with several improved chipset Snapdragon, Intel and MediaTek.

The price of the new Pixel

Many Android enthusiasts disappointed when it turned out the price of the first Pixel – the smartphone is more expensive compared to the previous Nexus devices. In 2015, Google proposed a version of the Nexus 5X, as a budget device, and more expensive Nexus 6P, as the flagship. The company can be followed by a similar strategy for the second generation of Pixel phones.

Another online source reports that Google is testing several prototypes, one of which, codenamed «Pixel 2B». This phone will cost a lot less than $ 650, due to the less powerful hardware.