New Tech:The Smart Home With The Smart Curtains

New Tech:The Smart Home With The Smart Curtains

This article is prepare for the lazy people as the new technology is coming. Image like one morning, you wake up as the sunshine poured in illuminating your room. Usually we have to open and close the curtains, but now everything change, with the new smart system, all these things give it to smart system. The smart home is not only for the smart curtains, but also the smart shutters, I have a very smart plantation shutter which I bought  in plantation shutters Sydney.

Smart Curtains for Remote Control

You may have hear of TV remote control, but do you hear of curtains remote control? At this system, you can use controler to open or close the curtains. There are three button represents all functions-switch on, switch off and stop. Press the open, the curtains will be open automatically, if you feel the light is enough, just press stop. It is all the same, when you back home just press close, the smart will adjust automatically due to the different circumstance. There are many curtains Sydney shop, they are very likely to install the smart curtains for you.

Smart Curtains for Pannel Control

Pannel control is different from controler as it must involve in the whole smart home system, and combining with different home circumstances to setting. You must install before the renovation. This kind of smart curtains can open or close automatically due to the set date. If you think that’s all, you are totally wrong. This smart curtains can be close according to the sunshine, this function is served by outdoor sun sensors. For example, if the sun is too strong and reach the setting, after 5 minutes the curtain will automatically close. In a cloudy afternoon, curtains will automatically determining the sun level, it will open again if it can not feel the sun.

Smart Curtains for iPad

This one is the most smartest curtains system, we can use smart phone or your ipad to control it, although it may be a little expensive, it still can be a good choose for lazy guys.

The most biggest feature for ipad curtains is real remote control, whenever and whatever you are, you can just open the app on phone or ipad to control your curtains. For example, if it is raining when you outside, you can simply open the app on your phone to close the curtains at home, not only avoid floor getting wet from rain, but also give you a good mood.