New Tool Helps Freelancers Land Work And Get Credit For Their Content

It is with true honor that I, a freelance writer always in the market for an extra gig, is proud to announce a new tool for all freelance writers called Portfolio +. The tool is brought to you by Contently, a platform designed to help brands in need of quality content for their sites find freelance writers in need of the work. The new service for freelance writers and full-time writers alike allows users to build up their own brands effortlessly.

Portfolio+ is a hip, effortless way to build an online portfolio, showcase your work and even monitor the ways in which writers’ stories, articles and overall content is distributed and shared throughout the internet.

It’s as easy as A, B – and no C

A) Log in to Contently and sign up for the new tool via your Facebook account.

B) Create a list of the articles that you have published online, which can be done in one of two ways: manually, or you can let Contently scrape the web for your work from which you can choose the content that best showcases your awesome talent.

Not only will Portfolio+ display your articles, but (yes, there’s a reason for the “+”), the tool will show how many pieces a writer has published overall thus far – and get this, how many words, too. (Holy precision, Batman!)  As well, if the writer chooses to do so, he or she can include in their profile how many followers they have snabbed on various social networks.

There are other services similar to Contently; ad offer a similar services by allowing users to create a virtual business card for their entrepreneurship. But where Portfolio + differs, is that it allows users to hone in on their overall achievements with clips and samples of their work rather than deliver simply a summary of their work experience.

Portfolio+ in the future

The makers of Contently plan on moving ahead aggressively. Their objective is to create features that will help writers pin down plagiarists of their work, as well as people who are extracting quotes from their own content without granting props with a resource link back to where the quote was pulled. The result: writers get the accolades they deserve for the hard work they’ve put in to creating their content.

As reported on, Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently, says:

“Our mission is to help journalists build their careers, build their personal brands, get more credit .for their work, basically anything that we can provide value to the new generation of journalists.”

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Janice Bevilacqua is a freelance writer who specializes in tech-related issues. She provides content for CPS which is an online warranty provider that also hosts an impressive blog dedicated to keeping consumers informed of the latest news in technology.