New Zealanders Looking Forward To Better Australian Immigration Laws

New Zealanders Looking Forward To Better Australian Immigration Laws

Migration as been part of human existence from the beginning of time. The advent of technology has often times placed numerous restriction on the free flow of people. So, even though we have developed the capacity to travel all over the world in relative efficiency and speed, governments are constantly placing various immigration rules and restrictions on the inhabitants movements from one region to another. Neighboring regions such as New Zealand and Australia are two such nations that have been struggling with migration issues. Residents and natives alike sometimes request the services of a migration consultant to ensure no rules will be broken prior to their visiting either island (especially when travelling from New Zealand to Australia).

The migration of people from New Zealand to Australia is usually indicative of some people’s attempt to find a better way of life for themselves and family. Employment in the host country has been never straight forward, hence legal migrants at times request the assistance of immigration lawyers.

The topic of immigration is becoming more significant within the governments of Australia and New Zealand. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key shared some of his concerns to the Treasurer of Australia, Joe Hockey, about conflicting laws that the present immigration system facilitates. A main issue of concern is the fact that residents of New Zealand are required to pay taxes in the host country, yet at the same time, does not qualify for housing, disability care and other forms of welfare. So, in other words a migrant from New Zealand works to better the host country, Australia, as law abiding and tax paying residents, but cannot enjoy any of the benefits enjoyed by a citizen. Key emphasized that there are many suffering disabled New Zealand children on the host island, that will continue suffering even though their parents are participating in the nation building of Australia. The Prime Minister also added that this immigration rule affects over 300, 000 New Zealander who has the special category visa. In situations like these, many will acquire the assistance of immigration lawyers, yet only a few will get positive results. The law is that rigid. Joe Hockey was not aware of its rigidness and vows to have at least some of them modified to benefit all immigrant residents in Australia.

Another peculiar rule that Key made mention of, was the fact that all children born to New Zealand parents in Australia will not qualify for state assistance of any form until he or she has attained the age of 10 years old. This is quite odd, since the child is neither resident or citizen, yet has to wait 10 years for assistance that is urgently needed as soon as the child is born. Australian Treasurer, Joe Hockey acknowledges all this as needing amelioration and is currently doing some cost benefit analysis necessary to incorporate these changes.

A New Zealander who travels to Australia is automatically given a Special Category Visa (SCV), which gives him or her the immediate access to the employment pool. In other words, they are allowed to work legally without any restrictions whatsoever. Unlike other migrants who visit the host country, a migration consultant is highly sought after, to ensure they stay within the jurisdiction of Australian immigration laws.