Nigerian Plane Crashes killing 153 passengers onboard


Director-general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Demuren, stated that the Nigerian Airway service Dana Airline, which crashed in crowded vicinage of Lagos, Nigeria and almost killing 153 people, cited an engine failure before it waned down. In a telephone interview on Monday morning, Demuren explained that the pilot told control tower that the two engines were causing problem. On its way from Abuja, the plane crashed into the crowded town of Lagos, as the pilot was trying to land safely on Sunday afternoon. Demuren also recounted that they are unable to discover how many people on the ground had been wadded in this plane crash.

On Monday, just after plane crash, rescue team, fire fighters, and paramedics made strenuous effort to bring their rescue equipment to the smoldering wreckage to put out fire and extract bodies out of the debris. The city’s narrow streets and roads caused hindrance in bringing equipment to the rubble site. Initial rescue and medical efforts were impeded due to massive crowd which came out on streets to witness the crash scene. Thousands of crash site spectators gathered around the wreckage which was then later cleared by the town police. Spokesman for National Emergency Management Agency, Yushau Shaib, addressed that more than 70 bodies have been recovered from the site.  An offensively unpleasant odor imbued the crash site. Heavy lifting machines, cranes and excavators were found at the wreckage and canines were seen sniffing around the shattered plane to find any corpse while police officers kept the crowd away from site.

Nigerian news website, Sahara Reporters, said on Monday that it appeared as if plane had gain a small power before it crashed over Ishaga town Lagos. They also added that pilot had already announced control tower to declare state of emergency just before plane slammed down. People living in that town heard vibrations moments before plane went down. Nigerian aviation had always been a victim of poor safety records. This crash has been titled “deadliest” since 1992 crash, though there had been seen improvements in Nigerian aviation in recent years. Senior Official of Dana Airlines quoted that the plane was already undergoing maintenance for few weeks. City police stated that they have recovered voice recorder from the plane. According to witnesses, the plane may have hit a major power line before it crashed.

Reporters cited that at least three building were wrecked along with a church. According to Dana Airlines official, the plane was McDonnell Douglas MD-83, carrying 153 passengers along with six crew members. All 153 were killed, including ten on the ground when plane rammed into a residential building. China said that six of her nationals were also on-board. Oscar Wason, Air Director of Dana Airlines told reporters that the pilot was American. Presidential adviser Reuben Abati, while addressing in an interview to VOA said that the President have ordered immediate rescue and investigation of the tragedy. President has also announced an official three days of mourning for the victims of crash.