9 Unmistakable Signs Of A Player

For girls, it is not always easy to identify a player. They are so smooth at their game and many girls simply believe things that they say. Players are cunning and know hundreds of tricks to ensnare their targets. They know how to act honest and genuine to attract attention. Players do what they do because it’s an exciting, thrilling experience.

Some girls may have no problem with players, since they believe that everything is fair in these games of love. However, there are still many girls who seek sincere men and genuine love. In this case, it is important for them to quickly spot a player and avoid getting fooled. Here are nine things girls should do to detect players:

1. They call us with affectionate names much too soon:

This is a technique to attract attention from girls. They may soften girls’ defense by calling them affectionately. They try to create the illusion of closeness although this is often not true.

2. They try to hit a home quickly:

It is clear that players only have sex in their mind. They have a strong sense of conquest and regularly try to find new preys. Unlike regular men who also desire sex, these players can be much more aggressive and confident.

3. They talk more about sexual fantasies:

This is a way to see how girls respond to sexual hints. Players feed sexual subjects to make girls feel different and special. They share these stories to open the path to the actual sexual experiences with girls.

4. They always have their phones:

Players are like marketers. They simply have so many prospects everywhere. They spread their net wide and hoping that they can catch a girl. However, they may also hide their phone to give an illusion that they are focusing on a girl.

5. They may disappear for a few days unannounced:

Obviously, players can be quite busy and they need to allocate their schedules to fit enough girls in a week. When they disappear, they could be on the prowl hunting for new prospects or responding to a girl.

6. They are charming and give many compliments:

These days, flattery can still get us everywhere with people. Players are very charming and they are confident enough in their action. They have succeeded many times before and they know things to do.

7. They don’t tell much about themselves:

Players always devote their focus on their targeted girls and don’t find it necessary for girls to know them better. In fact, many players actually introduce themselves using fake names.

8. They are very dominating:

Players have a real goal in their mind and they have worked out a plan to achieve that. This could cause players to determine what steps to take next. Doing this will allow them to achieve the next mini-goal in their agenda.

9. They don’t introduce their friends:

Players don’t really want to share anything about their lives and this allows them to disappear for without a trace if necessary.