Not Your Typical Date Ideas

It’s very easy to fall into a routine in your relationship. Tuesdays are for watching your favorite show, Thursday is going out to dinner night, Saturdays are for the movies, etc, etc. Time to bust out of that rut and do something new.

Here are some fun alternatives to the same old, same old date nights

Wake up early, pack a bag with a blanket and your summer drink of choice, and head to the local farmers market. While you’re there discuss what looks good and start putting together lunch. Get creative – a little bit of veggies from this stand, some baked goods from that stand, some fresh fruit and cheese, a quiet patch of grass down the block and you’re set. A fresh and local meal with a side of people watching sounds like perfection!

Batter up! No, not going to a baseball game. Grab a bat and hit the batting cages. If baseball isn’t your thing, go for a bike ride or shoot some hoops. Maybe even hit the gym together and support one another. Get that adrenaline going and it will definitely be a good time.

Who needs dinner? It’s totally overrated. Schedule a date night and just go get desserts. Hit up one place for some killer pie, another for those amazing donuts and top it off with some ice cream. Date night has never been sweeter. 

You can live in your own city for years and not every really “see the sights”. When is the last time you went to a museum? The zoo? How about the aquarium? Or even a trip up the tallest building in your city for a great view? Pack up the grill and go tailgate at the ballpark while rooting for your favorite team. Together you can get a refresher on why you’re city is so awesome.

Send an email to your love during the day with a list of groceries and ask them to pick everything up on the way over. When they walk in, let them know what’s for dinner and that they are helping. Get in that kitchen and heat things up!

We all have our favorite movies, right? Choose a night and you each have to bring your all time favorite movie. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up and watch both movies. No judging allowed! You’ll definitely learn something new about your partner this way.

Tired of the same old dinner and movie? Go learn something together! Taking a cooking class if you want to brush up on your kitchen skills. Learn some new moves and take a swing dancing class. Brewing your own beer, drawing, photography, book binding, wine tasting – the possibilities are endless.

Don’t ever let things get boring – shake things up a bit and get creative with your date nights from now on!

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