Now Indians Can Get Free Legal Advice Online!

It is astonishing how fast the internet is growing and making the life of a common man easier. The internet is now influencing the Law & order in many countries. has launched a platform for Indians to get Free Legal help & advice online!

How can this help People?

This service of Online legal help should prove to be a great boon for the Indian people. People are normally confused, even afraid to take legal actions on matters. This platform should give them the confidence & knowledge required to take such action without hesitating. That’s not all, it may also save people the time & high expense to visit a lawyer. Some cases are just not admissible in court, so visiting a lawyer, gathering facts for such a case would be of no use. It is much better to submit the case in this platform & get advice from the experts on how to go ahead.

How to get Legal Advice?

Getting legal help from is extremely easy, this website does not require you to register or fill long forms. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website at:
  2.  Click on the ask question button
  3. Enter your question
  4. That’s it! All done!

They answer the question in about 24-48 hours, which is a reasonable time considering the accurate & detailed answers they give.

Can you Trust the Legal Advice given Online?

The advice given on this platform is by a lawyer, so you can definitely rely on it. The lawyer who manages the website claims to be pretty experienced. But, at least, by reading his answers I can say that he has a pretty good hold on the law. You should never trust anything & anyone 100%, getting a second advice is recommended. But, it is definitely a good place to get initial answers.

Do you have to Pay Anything Whatsoever? Now or in Future?

No, they provide this service for free. God knows why, but whatever the reason is, you can enjoy the benefits of this service for no cost at all.


This is a pretty good place to get legal advice online. You can sit in the comfort of your home, and get legal help in a few strokes on the keyboard. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out this platform, who knows, it might be of use to you in future!