Office Decor That Makes Sense

If you are thinking about remodeling your office space in the near future, the issue of flooring is bound to come up. Before going with something traditional like wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors, consider the possibility of concrete floors instead. This particular option offers a number of benefits, both in terms of function and the impact on the environment. Here are some reasons why concrete may be the way to go.
Safety Features
Polished concrete floors are easily one of the safest options on the market. The concrete can be coated with a non-stick sealant that helps to minimize the chances of anyone slipping and experiencing an injury. In comparison with low pile carpeting or hardwood floors, the concrete will provide better traction, something that can come in handy when your employees are constantly moving from one area to another in order to get their work done.

Low Cost of Maintenance
With sealed concrete floors, keeping the floors clean is a snap compared to other options. There is never a need to vacuum or shampoo the carpeting, which makes it much easier to keep the office spotless. You also never have to worry about having someone come in and varnish hardwood floors. Since the sealant on the concrete will prevent staining and require nothing more than periodic sweeping and the occasion buffing, the cost for janitorial costs and supplies will be kept to a minimum.

Environmentally Friendly
The materials used to create the floors often include recycled items. From this perspective, you are helping to minimize the amount of waste that finds its way into landfills. In terms of your office environment, concrete does not carry allergens and other irritants that could cause health issues for some of your employees. Thanks to the lack of allergens in the workplace, your employees are less likely to get sick and require time away from work.

As a bonus, the cleaning materials needed to maintain the floors are generally considered environmentally friendly. This means you help to minimize the use of harsh chemicals and having them introduced into the local ecological system.

Enhances Use of Natural Light
Floors made of concrete can actually help to increase the amount of radiance within the work area. Since natural light will reflect off the concrete surface, this means you can make better use of that ambient light. More efficient use of natural light translates into lower lighting costs that help to minimize the amount your company spends for utilities.

Simple Beauty
Polished concrete floors can be treated with dyes to create a pleasant looking floor that will hold up to years of use. You can also use stencils on the surface before it is sealed to create interesting designs and patterns that work well with the office furnishings. The cost of this additional ornamentation is considerably less than other floor covering options and will not deteriorate even with constant traffic across the floors.

The bottom line is that floors created using concrete have a lot to offer. Before spending a lot of money on carpeting or other solutions, talk with a contractor about using polished concrete as your floor of choice. After hearing more about how you can use the material to your advantage, you may wonder why anyone would ever use anything else.

This post is brought to you on behalf of Adaptive Concrete Polishing Inc., your concrete flooring expert.