Olympic Games 2012 Overview

The 2012 Olympics journey began back in 2005 when London was chosen as the host city for this momentous event in every athlete’s life. The London Olympics 2012 features 36 disciplines ranging from aquatics, boxing, cycling, equestrian, football, athletics and others. With 66 nations present, this represents one of the most widely contested sports events in the world.

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The Events So Far

So far, it has been 20 days of top performances from athletes in all the various disciplines. Mexico and Brazil are already through to the football final, and multiple athletic finals are scheduled to be completed in the remaining three days of the Olympics. China, the USA and Great Britain are the three nations topping the medals charts with numerous entrants in various categories and having athletes with multi-faceted skill sets. The USA’s cause has been boosted mainly by the swimming events and the athletic events whereas China has succeeded in weightlifting, diving and badminton. Great Britain’s medal haul has been aided by the cycling and rowing events.
While it has been a widely entertaining showpiece in London, there are certainly some games that have really stood out and will possibly be the highlights of this year’s event. The first event that really caught the eye was that of swimming sensation Michael Phelps being pitted by the media against his US teammate Ryan Lochte. What ensued was a blistering 11 medals between them in their swimming category: 4 golds and 2 silvers for Phelps and 2 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. At the end of their ‘battle’ though, Phelps was coroneted as the king of the swimming pool as he waved goodbye to the sport.
Seeing that it was a London event, Team GB’s football matches were also crowd pullers. Audiences filled up the stadium as they cheered on their home team and they responded with some gutsy performances only to lose out once again via penalty shoot-outs. The pinnacle event however, was undoubtedly the 100m final, which was reportedly viewed by 20 million people all over the world. This exciting sporting drama did not disappoint in the least bit with seven of the eight competitors setting a mark that would have won any other Olympic 100m event of the past. Only former champion, Asafa Powell, finished late and that was only because he suffered an injury down the stretch of the race. The fans gathered there were then treated to some showmanship from the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, as they cheered him on.
Usain Bolt was one of many other athletes in these Olympics to alter the record books. Nevertheless, he although he did break his own Olympic record he failed to get near his personal best time and the world record mark of 9.58 seconds.

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Team GB’s cycling team broke an outstanding seven world records in just one day, aided by their new bike designs. Team USA were not to be left behind, however, and set about breaking multiple records in the swimming pool led by 17-year old Missy Franklin, who broke the world record time in the women’s 200m backstroke final setting a new time of 2:04.06 sec from the previous mark of 2:04.81sec that was set by Kirsty Coventry.
Im Dong-Hyun of the Republic of Korea broke his own world record mark by three to set up 696 points as the new world record in Archery.
The other records that have been recognised by the Guinness book is Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian with 22 medals in his collection. Ryan Giggs of Manchester United football club also became the oldest player at the showpiece event. Tennis world number one, Roger Federer, also played out the longest Olympic tennis match with Juan Martin Del Potro. There is still yet some time for more records and more entertainment before the end of the Olympics so everyone will be looking forward to that.
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