Olympics Help Companies See Global

Every time the Olympics come around companies begin to think globally.  They want to find ways to make their company be known throughout the world and not just in their home country. Companies that are trying to get a start worldwide want to look into adding some things to their repertoire like a global fleet and bilingual employees to help make their transition into the international market effortless.

When reaching out to people in other countries, make sure your business is familiar with their customs and traditions.  You also want to keep in mind what messages and stereotypes are associated with your company. Think about what you want your message to be and how you’re going to send it out.  McDonald’s recent Olympic related advertisements are receiving a lot of heat from the public because they miss the mark with what the summer games are all about.  When people think of the Olympics they think of healthy, hardworking athletes, not a burger and fries.  Many people feel that McDonald’s global Olympic ads should promote healthier choices like salads and wraps and not the products that add to America’s obesity issues.  By portraying these advertisements overseas, McDonalds is not being shed in a good light from a business aspect.

After you’ve tackled your advertising and promotional avenues, it’s time to think about how you’re going to function and run in other countries.  To be effective in a country other than your own, you must be able to get to know the people there through frequent visits.  It is highly suggested that you become associated with a global fleet so that when you visit various countries to make business relationships you are able to get around.  Working with a fleet is a great way to ensure reliable and smooth transportation services.

Adding employees that are bilingual is another asset when going global.  Bilingual employees break down the communication barrier between your company and non-English speaking companies.  Further, it shows business partners in other countries that you are invested in the relationship and respect their culture.

Use the Olympics as an opportunity to see how you can reach people across the globe with your products and services.  Do your homework so you’re prepared to put your company in the best light and think long and hard about how you’re going to roll out your message to people every where.  As with all things in business, the more you plan, the smoother the outcome will be.

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