Online Dating Obstacles & How To Overcome Them

The Biggest Dating Online Dating Obstacles

Online dating often has mixed results with some people enjoying great success and others none at all. Online dating is certainly not without its obstacles but before you cancel your subscription try these great methods to overcome typical online dating hurdles.

Online Dating Lies

An online dating profile is how people convey their interests and like to potential partners. The problem with the internet is that it allows people to perhaps exaggerate the truth to make themselves more appealing. It’s so easy to do and almost everyone does it to some extent. If you’re not particularly happy with your weight or conscious about your age then the easiest way to lose a few pounds or relive your youth is to ‘doctor’ your online dating profile. The best way to not get disillusioned with online dating is to assume that at least half of the people will lie about something on their profile. That way when you do meet you won’t be too stunned by the fact that they’re slightly larger than they led you to believe. It’s always a good idea to spend a few days chatting online before you meet to try and spot any inconsistencies in the conversation. If you’re not comfortable with their answers to your questions then don’t agree to meet.

Where are all the serious daters?

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Searches online for ‘free dating site’ far outweigh any other search term. If you’re serious about meeting someone long term then you must sign up for a paid dating site. Free dating sites are full of thousands of profiles of people who are just looking to ‘hook up’. Often they already have partners and are just trying their luck. You might think it makes sense to sign up for a completely free dating site but all of the reputable paid dating sites do also offer a free trial where you can try out many of the features. Free dating sites are a waste of time so increase your chances on paid dating site.

Why don’t they want to meet?

You would think that it’s pretty straightforward. You chat and flirt online with the aim of eventually meeting up and finding a real love connection right? Believe it or not some people are just playing a game. It’s some kind of ego boost to see how many people they can string along. If you’re getting excuses all the time about why they can’t meet or other rubbish then simply stop talking to them and move on.

Who are you really talking to?

One of the biggest concerns people have about online dating is safety and rightly so. Often people who are looking for love online and somewhat vulnerable and can be easily led. Whilst online dating is relatively safe you never can be too careful. There are websites online where you can do a background check on people you are communicating with such as ‘Instant Check Mate’. You should always meet for the first time in the day and tell a friend where you are going. It’s probably not even a bad idea to take a friend with you if possible. As you can see online dating is not without its obstacles but a sensible approach can lead to a great online dating experience. Many people do find love online so don’t cancel your subscription just yet and give online dating another go.

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