Ordering Personalised Gifts Online – Getting It Right

Ordering personalised gifts online has really never been easier, though this doesn’t for one moment mean that every online retailer is operating at the same level. The simple fact of the matter is that low-grade engraving and personalisation technology has never been more affordable or easily accessible, which has lead to plenty of new retailers setting up shop and throwing out equally low-grade merchandise.

The simple fact of the matter here is that if you are giving a personalised gift for a special occasion, you are doing so as a means by which to show a genuine meaning and sentiment. As such, quality is probably of the utmost importance to you and you would ideally prefer not to receive an engraved product that has clearly been thrown together with absolutely no care or attention whatsoever.

So in the interests of taking home only the highest quality gift items, here’s a quick look at what you yourself should be looking for in order to get it right:

1 – In-House Operations

First up, it’s a good idea to look for a retailer that takes care of all engraving and personalisation in-house as opposed to outsourcing it. A perfect example would be the services offered by www.mementoframes.co.uk where the whole process from start to finish is handled by the same team of experts using the industry’s very best equipment. When a business outsources jobs, they are technically unable to guarantee consistent quality and speed of delivery, so it simply makes sense to shop directly with those who cover all bases personally.

2 – Quality Guarantees

Even in the case of customised products which may be rather complex, there is really no excuse these days for not offering comprehensive quality guarantees on every item produced and shipped. It is of course rather uncommon for retailers in the modern business landscape to knowingly send out low quality products and merchandise that are below standard, but it does occasionally happen. Once again, as this is a gift you are buying for a special occasion and undoubtedly for somebody special, chances are you would prefer it to be as flawless as possible.  With quality guarantees in place, you have the peace of mind of knowing that if there is anything not to your satisfaction, you’ll be able to organise a refund or replacement.

3 – Reassuring Feedback

Check out the websites of a few of the very best personalised gift brands on the market today and you’ll notice one thing they all have in common is their sharing of feedback and testimonials. Now more than ever, online shoppers tend to be somewhat keen when it comes to leaving feedback regarding their own thoughts and experiences with the retailer. As such, feedback should always be taken into account when deciding who to shop with and should also be easy enough to track down without having to search far and wide. If there is no feedback to be found or the feedback you come across doesn’t exactly paint the best picture, you may want to think twice about who you buy from.

4 – Stellar Customer Service

Just because you are buying from an online retailer does not in any way mean that you should be denied the same stellar level of customer service you would expect from any high street store or major brand. The simple fact of the matter is that you may have questions to ask or concerns to address at some point along the way, so it’s a good idea to make sure the seller is easy to get in touch with when and where you may need to do so. Check what kinds of contact details they make available via their website, and feel free to give them a quick call just to see how they perform.

5 – Solid Turnaround Times

Last but not least, it is unavoidable that personalised gifts will always take a little longer to prepare and ship than standard gifts, but this doesn’t mean that a quality seller should not be able to quote turnaround times that are both convenient and to some extent guaranteed. Of course there’s nothing even the best seller can do to completely and totally eliminate the risk of minor shipping delays here and there, but in terms of order fulfilment and getting your item on its way to you, they should certainly be able to guarantee agreeable order processing times. If at any time you are unsure or are planning to order a gift at the 11th hour which needs to be with you sooner rather than later, it’s a good idea to give them a call and speak with them directly.

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