Ordinary Things That Prolong The Life Of Floral Arrangements

Any flower, big or small, can brighten up a lifeless room. But the thing about having cut flowers inside the home is that these can wither and die rapidly. Maybe you’re thinking that it’ll just be a waste of money to have flowers around because you can’t really enjoy them that much. Well, you can actually save money on flowers if you can enjoy them a little bit longer, right? So, take note of these tips so that you’ll be able to get pleasure from beautiful floral arrangements without having to replace them every day.
So many ordinary things can help extend the life of your flower arrangement. You probably have some of these at home already. If not, you can quickly just go to the nearest drug or convenience store to get some. Everyday stuff, like sugar, bleach, or vinegar, can help your flowers bloom longer. Here are a few things that you can try.

1. Soda
You can use any type of soda or carbonated drink. These can also be used to prolong the life of your lovely blooms. Simply add about one-fourth of a cup of soda to the water inside your vase. If you want to keep the water clear, use 7-Up or any clear soda.
2. Copper Coin
You can also drop a copper penny inside your vase to increase the lifespan of your floral arrangement. For nourishment, add a teaspoon or a cube of sugar to allow your flowers to stay fresher longer.
3. Aspirin
Aspirin isn’t just for fever or body pain, it can also help your flowers to bloom longer. Simply crush an aspirin, and make sure to grind it well so that you’ll be able to combine this with water readily. To blend better, put water and crushed aspirin in a plastic jar. Close the jar’s lid and mix vigorously. Pour mixture in a vase, and then put in your beautiful blooms.
4. Vodka, Vinegar, and Bleach (and Sugar)
These things have antibacterial qualities. So, adding them to water can help inhibit bacteria production, which means that the water will stay cleaner longer. The cleaner the water, the longer your flower arrangement will last. But sugar could be added too. This will help nourish the flowers. To use, mix vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar, with sugar using a 2:2 ratio. When using vodka, add a teaspoon of sugar to 5 to 10 drops of vodka. As for bleach, add one teaspoon of sugar for every 3 to 4 drops of bleach.
5. Flower Preservatives
You may not have these at home, but you can buy them from supermarkets or garden shops. You can even ask your florists if they sell flower preservatives. Read the instructions on the bottle before using. Note the amount of water and preservative to be used. Blend accordingly before putting in your flowers. One advantage of using flower preservatives is that these substances help buds to bloom. So, if you get flowers with multiple blossoms and buds, such as carnations or freesias, it’s better to use some preservative to coax those buds to blossom.

  • Photo courtesy of Simon Howden at www.freedigitalphotos.net.

Claire Florence is a freelance writer. She blogs for gardening and landscaping websites. She also writes for Fifty Flowers, a company that sells a large selection of breathtaking blooms. To get some insight about the company, check out Fifty Flowers Reviews.