Organic Trade Means More Jobs For Americans

When most people hear the word “organic,” they think about food grown without chemicals. But the concerns over natural and organic products go beyond food. It is important for everything from soaps to household cleaners to be free of toxins and potentially dangerous additives. Products like John Masters Organic shampoos are showing consumers how much better organic products can be.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common detergent that is in most shampoos and soaps. Go check right now; you’re likely to find it or another lauryl sulfate listed in your products. But studies have recently uncovered the dangers of these products. They have been linked to hair loss because the harshness of the chemicals can upset your scalp’s natural balance of oils. Companies use it because it results in thick foam. Ask yourself if bubbly shampoo is really worth damaging your hair for.

In the past, it was so much harder for consumers to get their hands on these superior health and beauty products. Most organic companies are smaller than the massive corporations that don’t mind using chemicals. The smaller companies couldn’t compete on the same large scale, especially internationally. Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture signed an agreement with the European Union so that products that are certified organic in one market can be sold in all participating countries without having to undergo a separate lengthy and expensive certification process.

For the smaller American organic companies, this is an amazing opportunity to more than double their markets. Farmers who run small, chemical-free farms are now able to send their natural produce even farther. Small businesses that have developed non-toxic products are able to better compete with the big companies. More people will be able to discover the benefits of organic products, and the businesses will be able to thrive and continue to provide us all with natural and healthy options.

So what does this mean for you? First of all, the journey to an organic lifestyle doesn’t stop at your pantry. If you’re already supporting local farms, then it’s time to clean up the rest of your house. Round up all of your harsh chemical cleaning supplies and any beauty supplies with a long list of chemical ingredients. When you’re ready to replace everything, do your homework. Because there are so many good organic alternatives now, you might feel overwhelmed with choices. Natural shampoos aren’t all the same, so consider your needs. If you bought a specialized chemical shampoo, chances are, there is a comparable organic product. Shampoos like John Masters Organic are one of the leading brands that offer safer alternatives.

The chemicals in shampoos and soaps don’t just harm your body; they also harm the environment when the residue washes down the drain. Support the small organic companies and help the environment by encouraging friends and family to make the switch as well. Now that companies can keep their organic designation between the continents, there are sure to be enough options so that you can find the perfect product for anyone. The Department of Agriculture is doing their part to promote a healthier lifestyle. Now it’s time to do your part as well and take the necessary steps to a healthier life with organic products.

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