Our Own Bay Area’s Bank

Our Own Bay Area’s Bank

Which bank renders best services for the non-profit organizations in Bay Area? Which bank can be trusted the most when personal banking needs come into picture? Which bank focuses on mid-sized businesses and their needs? Which bank gives it’s own personal touch to it’s services based on the needs of their customers?  Which is the bank that provides the best service in the Bay Area?

Needless to say, Bank of San Francisco is unbeatably the best. As they say, Caring is the best service one can give.

The banks bare their heart and soul to this thought to deliver high-touch service. Their mission is to clearly cater to more small, mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. They deliver a personal touch by understanding their clients, their needs and how they can be catered the best. Long term goals are also considered for the growth of their clients.

The banks also offer financial planning, personal banking and real estate reallocation and management. The company’s personal banking products are mortgages for owner-occupied properties, second sale homes, home equity loans, savings and money market accounts, retirement counselling and many more. Taking care of banking needs of professionals and their families altered according to their demands.

Business banking is a way to offer services and products that help your business to take off and achieve new heights. Their services revolve around loans, deposits and services. Loans which address business acquisition, real estate loan, equipment loans and so on. Deposits and Services rendered by them are online banking, remote deposit, foreign drafts etc. This clearly depicts the wide variety of products and services they have, touching wide aspects of their clients.

A separate division was introduced to assist small and mid-sized businesses by Government guaranteed lending. This also allows entrepreneurs to utilize money for starting a business, acquire equipment or grow business by opening up in a new location. They understand the critical elements important for a business to be a sustainable one.

In 2010, they bought out ownership interest of it’s shareholders with an over-subscribed capital raise to be a helping hand to future growth. Thus, employees became their largest shareholder group with an average investment as high as $85,000. Thus being a local bank, owned by it’s local community.

All in all, they work upon feeding the ambitions of professionals to businesses. Taking entrepreneurship to different altitudes and giving small and mid-sized businesses a boost.