Outstanding Design And Stand-Out Charms

Charm Bracelets are hot on-trend right now – and it’s easy to see why. Contemporary takes on the classic charm bracelet infuse up-to-the-minute fashion taste with simple, elegant design, and have led to a wonderfully diverse array of jewellery that is completely customisable. The truly great thing about buying charms is the sheer variety of what’s on offer; creating a unique piece of jewellery to match your own taste and style has never been easier!

That being said, the current popularity of modular jewellery, such as charm bracelets, means it’s worth spending a little more time looking for something special that will really set you apart from the crowd.The Thomas Sabo Charm Club, established in 2006, offers an exciting range of charms featuring some wonderfully distinctive designs and boasting their own individual personality.

These unusual charms are a brilliant way to make sure your jewellery catches the eye and really makes a statement. With autumn coming and Halloween just around the corner, this pumpkin charm will bring a vibrant splash of colour to any bracelet. A daring shock of orange means this seasonal piece is sure to glow all-year-round – no carving or candles required!
Thomas Sabo also sport a defining range of gothic and rock inspired charms, perfect for creating a more edgy, urban style. One of the great things about this range is that it is a little outside of the mainstream of charm design – ideal if you want to create a really memorable centrepiece for your jewellery collection.
This majestic cross charm, for instance, is beautifully inlaid with black cubic zirconia designed to highlight your darker side. With its striking design, this charm is strong enough to look fantastic on a bracelet with only a few accompaniments – or even on its own.

From the yin of charms to the yang, this angel’s feather features white cubic zirconia and brings out the lighter, more delicate side of Thomas Sabo’s gothic and rock collection. This is a great piece that shows just how much variety and individuality can be found within even a single theme of charm jewellery.

For something a little more rock and a little less gothic, check out this charm. If you like your music loud, then Thomas Sabo’s electric guitar charm features brilliant red enamel that will turn up the volume of your jewellery collection. Headbanging optional!

The great thing about these charms is that they can be used to create a piece of jewellery that really stands out, and that captures the personal side of your own unique style. A Charm bracelet is a fantastic way of condensing the parts of fashion that really speak to you, or of symbolising what is important to you in both your life and dress-sense. A carefully selected charm bracelet can be a way of putting yourself out there and making a statement, but at the same time it can carry a sense of something very personal. Perhaps the best charm bracelets are those that are both eye-catching conversation-starters and quiet reminders of what fashion means to you. Good jewellery speaks, and a good charm bracelet speaks volumes.
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