Overcoming Logistical Challenges During The Olympics

A thriving city which has consistently been the central seat for business and development, London is set to become even more active over the coming weeks as the Olympic Games arrive on its doorstep. Of course, whilst the majority of residents are thrilled about the arrival of such a prestigious event there are certain logistical problems inherent with the hosting of such an occasion.
For businesses that operate within the capital, this could pose considerable problems. Simple considerations, such as how to ensure deliveries are made on time and how to navigate the increased volume of traffic to arrive at work on time, is therefore very important.

Change Couriers
For those whose business relies on making deliveries, alternative forms of transport may need to be adopted over the summer months. Couriers who use bikes may be a better option than traditional van-based services. This is because bikes can cope with congested traffic with greater ease, making it easier and quicker for them to get through.  If you’re extra keen to help the environment check out using cyclists which can fit between snug vehicles at stop lights and have the added flexibli8ty of cutting through parks.
Deliver Later
Another option is to adapt the time at which you make deliveries. Travelling at different times of the day can often result in decreased traffic levels and is a great option for those not confined to a typical 9-5 day.
There are many firms who operate 24hour self storage facilities who can be used to hold your products until they are needed, meaning your couriers can collect them at a more convenient time.
Conscientious Commuting
For those who need to commute to work during the Olympics it is vital that alternative methods of transport are considered. Roads and public transport networks are both expected to be filled to capacity and this means daily commutes could become rather problematic.
Walking or cycling to work is therefore recommended and is a great way to reduce the number of vehicles being used within the capital.
Flexible Working Hours
Another great suggestion is adopting flexible working hours and practices. Those who must commute to work via personal or public transport may find the commute difficult to manage over the summer, so allowing them to work from home could reduce stress levels and increase productivity.
Adjusting working hours to allow staff members to start at more convenient times is also recommended.
These strategies should be discussed in detail before implementation to ensure all employees are on the same page.  Hiring a cycling courier service or accessing self storage are easy ways to help London businesses during this unique period in the city’s history. These experiences  could prove invaluable to businesses trying to navigate the logistical nightmare posed by the Olympics.