Pack Up Properly And Avoid Delays In The Airport

Summer is one of the most popular times of year for people to travel to various vacation destinations.  Many airlines like Southwest, are already reporting that the summer season has boosted their bottom line.  Further, with the Olympic games being hosted in London, England this summer, record numbers of people have been flocking into the city.  Tourism throughout the globe appears to be up this summer and people everywhere are rejoicing.  If you’re one of the people traveling by plane, it’s best to review the TSA’s packing guidelines so you’re luggage sets are properly filled.
Follow the below tips for carry-on bags.

  1. You are allowed one carry-on item and one “personal” item, which can include a laptop bag, purse, backpack, or brief case.
  2. Carry-on bags will be put through the airport’s x-ray machines.
  3. Your carry-on must weight less than 40 pounds and be smaller than 22” x 14” x 9”.  Check the measurements of your bag so you don’t have to pay extra fees to check your carry-on bag.
  4. Remember the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons.  You are allowed 3 ounce or smaller containers of liquids or gels.  Anything larger needs to be placed in your checked bag.  You are entitled to 1 quart-sized zipper bag that you need to place your liquids into.  Lastly, you must place your bag in the security bin for screening.

Below are tips for your checked bags.

  1. Checked bags should not include items like jewelry, cash, laptops, electronics, or fragile items.  These are items that should be carried on.
  2. Pack all shoes at the top of your bag, on top of the other items.
  3. Do not over pack your bag so if your bag is opened for inspection the agent is able to reseal it.
  4. Do not pack food or drinks.
  5. Film should not be placed in checked bags because the screening equipment may damage it.
  6. Luggage tags are your friends.  Make sure that all of your bags are clearly labeled with your correct contact information.  It is also suggested to put identification information inside your bag.
  7. Choose luggage sets that match so it is easy to find and retrieve your bags at the end of your flight.

Taking the time to review the TSA’s guidelines is the best way to ensure smooth travels.  Take your time while you’re packing and challenge yourself to only bring what you need so you don’t have to spend extra in baggage fees.
Mercedes Potter is a part of an elite team of writers and an avid traveler. She offers information here on how to avoid delays by packing properly before vacation. To see what else she’s been writing, follow her @CedesPotter.