Packing A Suitcase – A Guide

Knowing how to pack a suitcase is something every man needs to know how to do, whether he’s a seasoned traveller or he’s going on a one-time-only trip. Packing men’s clothing the right way not only ensures that limited suitcase space is used as efficiently as possible, but it also keeps clothes from getting wrinkled. A well-packed suitcase is a lot easier to unpack upon arrival, too! Read on to learn the basics of packing a suitcase for your next holiday.

  • Pack dress and casual slacks by placing them with the waistband along the short edge of the inside of the suitcase. Let the pant legs hang outside the suitcase, for now. Put a piece of tissue paper in between each pair of pants, and each time you put a pair of pants into the suitcase, alternate the side on which you place the waistband.
  • To pack jackets, place them in the suitcase with the front facing you. Bring the sleeves toward the jacket’s center line, making sure that the jacket fits into the suitcase. Let the bottom hang out of the suitcase, and layer tissue paper on top. Pack any other jackets in the same way.
  • Place undergarments, undershirts and socks around the jackets’ shoulders, which helps keep the packing surface even. Layer tissue paper on top.
  • Put button-up shirts into the suitcase, and fold sleeves inward, crossing one over the other. The shirt’s bottom should be out of the suitcase, extending over the jacket’s bottom. Put tissue paper in shirts’ necks, and layer more on top. You can pack additional shirts in the same manner.
  • Fold shirt bottoms into the suitcase, allowing it to lie on top of the other clothing. Layer with tissue paper, repeating the process for other shirts, and following the same method to fold jackets and slacks.
  • For belts, roll them up around their buckles, and wrap them in tissue paper. Place them at the bottom of the suitcase. Shoes should be put into shoe bags and placed at the bottom, with the soles down and heels in the corners.
  • Wrap neckties in tissue paper, keeping them flat and layering tissue in between each one. Fold them carefully, and put them on top of all other clothing in the suitcase.

BONUS TIPS: As you’re packing, put your clothes into the suitcase as straight as you possibly can. This ensures you don’t arrive to your destination to find you’re stuck with wrinkled clothing! Layering with tissue paper may seem time consuming, but it will be worth it when you unpack. If you’re packing at the end of a trip, don’t pack already-worn clothing next to your clean garments; odors and stains can easily transfer from one piece of clothing to another.

Like anything else you do in life, packing men’s clothing into a suitcase becomes easier when you organize and plan. Use the tips we’ve given to use your packing space to the fullest, and to reduce the likelihood of rendering your clothing un-wearable when you arrive.

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Photo: matsuyuki