Pallet Shipping To Germany

Pallet Shipping To Germany

Wherever you ship to in Europe, National Pallets have the information you need to get your delivery underway. National Pallets are part of the UK’s largest pallet shipping network and have the connections and the resources to make shipping goods to and from Europe a breeze. Read about our experiences and advice when it comes to shipping to Germany. As just one example of the many countries we ship to. See how your business can benefit from our delivery know-how.

Visit Our Page to Compare Prices

Our Europe pages list what customers are sending and how much they paid. Check back regularly, as seeing what others ship will give you ideas of the type of items you can deliver by pallet. It might also be good for your business to see how much others have paid in order to pre-budget. Compare rates to see our competitively low prices.

Pack Smart

Pallet shipping has big advantages for small to medium businesses. Shipping inventory is safe and secure when palletized. Pack your pallet right and you’ll maximize the amount you can ship while minimizing the amount you spend. Read our blog for more information on pallet sizes in order to prepare your goods for max load.

Ship Nearly Everything

By choosing ground shipping on pallets, you have a sure way to get nearly any goods anywhere throughout Europe. Check our page on Germany and you’ll see items being sent from stainless steel dehumidifiers to camping goods. Pallets are also great for shipping produce, the steady platform minimizes foods from getting bruised, which can be a major cause of wasted product. You might even ship car parts on pallets, just be advised any excess oils will need to be drained beforehand if you’re wishing to send engines.

Know the Rules

While almost anything can be shipped via pallet, many countries restrict or prohibit sending certain items. Germany, for instance, requires alcohol deliveries are precisely detailed. Customs will need to know the number of bottles being sent, bottle sizes and a detailed account of alcoholic content by value and percent for each bottle. German customs will also not appreciate it if you send over too many perfumes! Most countries share similarities on prohibited items. Firearms and drugs will definitely be frowned upon, they also won’t be allowed in the country.

We list shipping details country by country. Check our site to learn more about which items can be shipped, which ones may be prohibited and what other people are sending in order to give your business an informed advantage when it comes to pallet shipping.