A Mommy’s Guide In Designing A Condo Nursery Room

A Mommy's Guide In Designing A Condo Nursery Room

For a first time mother, the entire experience is like no other. There’s happiness, fear, and excitement. A bundle of joy will change everything in your universe. What better way to welcome the newest addition in your life than giving him/her a dedicated place in your home? An infant sleeps most of his/her days and a conducive sleeping environment is needed to help in his/her growth and development. You also wouldn’t want tiny blankets, diapers, and baby essentials scattered all over your living room. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small condo. With the right design and furniture, you can fit a nursery in your home.

Here are 8 creative ways on how to design your baby’s nursery.

A vintage modern nursery for your baby

Why exert effort in designing a nursery when your baby cannot yet appreciate style and design? You can say that at this point, a charming nursery is for your benefit. You wouldn’t want your gorgeous living area be transformed into a makeshift bedroom. Your velvet lounge chaise is not a temporary crib. It is important to have a separate bedroom or sleeping area for your baby. The vintage modern design is simple, comfortable, and elegant. Wooden furniture pieces gives an organic and timeless feel. Soft fabrics such as cotton and faux fur are both chic and comfy.

Shared space for siblings

Setting up a nursery for a small space doesn’t have to be costly. You can have your baby’s crib in his/her older sibling’s room. Having your kids share a room is not only for space-saving purposes. Studies show that siblings who share a room develop better relationships compared to those who sleep in separate rooms. Sarah Coleman, a former non-profit manager and mother of three, lets her toddlers, aged 1 to 5, to share a bedroom although there are extra rooms in their house. “I’ve always admired big families where the kids seem to develop a tribe mentality from sharing everything — toys, space, experience, parents,” she tells The Chicago Tribune. You can clear a corner in the room to set up the baby’s crib and add a cabinet for storage. You may install a wall-mounted lamp near the crib for when you need to change diapers in the middle of the night without disturbing the other room occupants.

A minimalist design for a stress-free home

You can expect to spend a lot of time in the nursery during your baby’s first months. Sleepless nights and stress are part of every new parent’s life. To help keep your sanity, make sure your home doesn’t have stress and anxiety triggers such as clutter. Have enough storage room that you can creatively hide under the staircase, underneath the bed or on wall-mounted shelves. Better yet, unclutter your home. The less items you own, the less chores you have. Embrace a minimalist condo design not only in your baby’s nursery but in the entire house. A rocking chair can help you relax while your kid’s getting a nap.

Fun wallpapers that create depth and space

Condo designs for small spaces mostly aim to create an illusion of space. You can do this my installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors, large-sized floor tiles and wall paint. Warm colors such as oranges and browns exude cosiness and intimacy. Adding a dark tone like grey or black will further enhance the illusion of space. Paint is not your only option. You can also use wall papers and decals with fun and playful designs.

The unisex nursery for little kids of all ages

Designing your baby’s nursery doesn’t need to be costly. One tip is to use a design that will fit their needs even as they grow older. No need to spend on new design or furniture when your infant enters his/her toddler years. Instead of a crib, choose a bed with the necessary safety features. It’s also important to keep the flooring safe and comfortable for crawling and afternoon naps. Ditch the girly pinks or boyish blues for gender-neutral colors. This also goes for preferring unisex toys. “Studies have found that gendered toys do shape children’s play preferences and styles. Because gendered toys limit the range of skills and attributes that both boys and girls can explore through play, they may prevent children from developing their full range of interests, preferences and talents,” according to Dr. Elizabeth Sweet, a sociologist at the University of California.

A Nordic baby area in your condo bedroom

Having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to move to a larger home. You can have a cozy space for your infant in your own bedroom. Your little one only requires a small area, preferably the corner where he/she is insulated from noise and movement, or near a window where natural light and air circulate. The Nordic interior design is a reprieve from your stressful daily life. It’s minimalist yet stylish, simple but warm.

Space-saving storage in the nursery

Before buying new cabinets or dressers, explore your baby’s nursery for extra spaces you can turn into creative storage. Rails can be used to hang onesies, dresses and coats, and floating shelves can hold blankets and other baby stuff. You can also get a space-saving crib that can hide boxes underneath. Your guide in designing a condo nursery should hinge on maximizing every square footage.

Design the nursery with air purifying indoor plants

Indoor plants can clean the air in your baby’s nursery. They also add life to any room and improve interior designs. You can have low maintenance succulents in tiny containers and small spider plants on hanging pots. You can also have orchids by the window and peace lilies on the dresser. If you’re hanging decors, make sure your baby is safe from falling items.

Being a parent is not without its challenges. It is regarded as the toughest, yet most fulfilling, of all roles. An expecting mom’s guide should have sufficient information on the common mishaps to help her prepare for what’s to come. Planning for your baby’s sleeping area is an important task. This will ensure that your entire family gets to help in welcoming your new bundle of joy.