Park Your Car Conveniently When Taking A Cruise or Flight

If you have been planning a cruise vacation, or need to travel by plane, you want to make sure that you have a place to safely park your car whilst you are away. You can find the solution by leaving your car at a parking lot, manned and overseen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, when you park your car, you also need to know that the vehicle is parked at your cost and risk. That means that all parking expenses related to parking your car are payable in-full by you. If costs are unpaid, then the parking provider can place a lien over your car and its contents until the money is remitted in full.

Keeping Your Car Safe Whilst You Travel

With those points in mind, you can find a safe haven for your car while you take a cruise or fly away on business or leisure. Make sure that the parking provider you choose is very close to the cruise terminal or airport. Parking lots are monitored for security purposes 24 hours a day.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Time

If you are flying, you should check in at the airport at least an hour prior to the flight for domestic travel, or two hours before you take an international flight. You should allow an additional 30 minutes for parking your car, checking into the terminal, and dropping off at the terminal or port destination.

Book Reservations Online

You can make most cruise parking or airport parking reservations through a parking company’s website. Reservations are normally accepted on the “Book Now” page. If you book online, you will save some precious time when you check in for your flight or cruise.

If you don’t have easy access to the Internet, you can contact the parking company by phone. A customer service representative can take your booking information. You can find the exact location of a parking facility by checking on the company’s location map online.

Shuttle Services

Usually, shuttle services are available seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Courtesy shuttles offered by parking companies are comfortable and air-conditioned. Shuttles are used to transfer customer luggage directly to the departure terminal as well as collect the same luggage upon return. Both domestic and international travellers should arrive at the shuttle 45 minutes before they are expected to be at a terminal.

Dropping Off Your Car

Most parking facilities feature parking bays next to the reception. That means you only need to drop off your vehicle, check-in, and take a shuttle to the terminal – a very convenient way to travel. You will need to leave any immobilisers with the parking provider, along with the keys for your car.

Trained parking officers then safely park your vehicle in one of the secured storage areas. These areas do not feature any public access. Vehicles are brought out to the “ready” section of the lot prior to a customer’s return. That way, you only need to get into your car and drive home.

Parking is the best way to keep your car secure while you are away on business or holiday. As long as you know the process, you can streamline your travel and make it less stressful for you and/or your family.

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