Park Your Car On The Top Floor

Who doesn’t love the idea of the American dream? Study hard, go to college and earn a degree, then go work hard, make something of yourself and eventually buy a luxury home to spend your hard earned dollars on. Many think of a luxury home as a sprawling mansion in affluent neighborhoods with perfectly cut green grass and rows of sculpted hedges lining the road. You probably have 10 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and more square footage than you really know what to do with. Of course, don’t forget the fountains, hot tub, tennis court and swimming pool.

Sounds nice, right, however many younger millionaires as rethinking their idea of a luxury home.  Many are moving away from the traditional type homes and moving more towards the contemporary and ultra-modern luxury homes.  As a whole these homes tend to be very urban and creative in their design and the structures often once served another purpose.  One growing trend is to take old, closed or bankrupt art galleries and convert them into modern homes. Eco –friendly, green estates are also growing in popularity. The luxury homes are creative in design and sport the latest in conservation and energy efficiency. It should come as no surprise that California has many of these type homes for sale.  For example one eco-friendly luxury home in famed Malibu is selling for only $9.5 million while another Hollywood  Hill contemporary home designed in steel, glass and concrete is going for a mere $10 Million dollars.
Think Outside the Box
Thinking outside of the box is also becoming increasingly more popular. As opposed to older homes that emphasize individual space and rooms many are now moving to make fewer walls or enclosed spaces. The result is a much more open and spacious feel to a home. Other homes are based off of famous designs like Franklin Lloyd Write’s “Pottery House” or Pierre Koenig’s “Case Study House” in Los Angeles.
Enter Porsche
So with all of this emphasis on rethinking design and space then it only stands to reason that things like parking are being reconsidered as well.  Since parking is such a big issue for so many people in urban areas there have been some creative solutions and few more creative then the Porsche Design Tower. A 57 story luxury suite and condo high rise in Sunny Isles Beach, FL designed by Dezer Properties and the Porsche Design Group.
Just take out a home loan for $3 million to $9 million dollars and you can buy a place that lets you live and park in style. So much so that they actually have a drive in elevator that will lift you and your car to your very door step.  That is right, drive in to the elevator, the sensors can detect who you are and what unit is yours and automatically takes you there. Then just pull into your garage, step out and you are home. Not bad for you and your car. You don’t have to have a Porsche to live there but if you can afford the condo why not get the Porsche to match it?
Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Southern California. He writes about education, cars and real estate. Check current mortgage rates to see if this is a good time for you to refinance.